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Last Update: July 06, 2019

My best long tail keyword research today

"affiliate marketing"

  • Demographics (6 phrases)
  • 256 questions
  • 1.558 phrases
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It is worth thinking about these topics, because you can have great articles about them. Who is your target audience? With the help of Demographics on a search queries level, you can better understand who your audience is and whether or not a certain story will interest them and if it can be tweaked to better suit their needs.


With your potential clients' most squeezing inquiries on any point close by, you can give substantial and dependable answers and arrangements in your blog entries, recordings, articles, and showcasing materials, reinforcing your validity as a brand. Getting potential clients to consider your to be as a wellspring of ability can transform them into significant clients later on.



Related (49)


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AlexEvans Premium
Hi Peti, good to met you and best wishes as you explore the WA opportunity.

Just out of curiosity what platform are you using to create the results that you have displayed?
Peter-Nagy Premium
Hi Alex,

I used SEMrush, a combination of the Topic Research tool and Keyword Magic tool. StoryBase is my go-to tool for getting new ideas. I love how easy it to use and how it gives quick access to such a wide field of possibilities. StoryBase is a brilliant resource for anyone who is a storyteller.
Wonderful day!