Wealth File 4 - Millionaires Mindset

Last Update: October 17, 2017

Back again with another Wealth File. First a short introduction for those who’ve just joined my series.

I’m reading the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker. He has found out 17 ways of thinking and of taking action, which are essential if we want to get really successful and wealthy. He calls these ways of thinking “Wealth Files”. Throughout my journey to a Millionaires Mindset I’m sharing these Wealth Files with you.

Wealth File #4:

“Rich people think big.”

“Poor people think small.”

Wealth Principle:

“The Law of Income: You will be paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver according to the marketplace.”

The key word is value. Four factors determine your value in the Marketplace:

  • Supply
  • Demand
  • Quality
  • Quantity

The Quantity factor means: How many people you serve or affect.

In our business, in the online marketing business it’s crucial to strive for a big network. The more visitors, the bigger the audience, the more subscribers we have, the bigger is the chance that we’ll get customers.

Most people choose to play small though. Why is that? Mostly it’s because of fear or because they feel unworthy, they don’t feel good enough or important enough. When such thoughts and feelings occurs then we must think the other way around.

Then consider this quote by Buckminster Fuller:

"The purpose of our lives is to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow."

Eker develops this further and says it’s about contributing to others, everyone has got a natural talent and these gifts were given to us for a reason: to use and share with others. “Every person on this planet has a mission.”

An Entrepreneur is “a person who solves problems for people at a profit”. Yes an Entrepreneur is a Problem Solver. So wouldn’t it be wonderful to help as many people as possible to solve their problems?

Start sharing your gifts instead of hoarding them. The more people you help, the “richer” you become, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and also financially.

Get rid of your fears and ….

Actions which leads you to become a Millionaire:

  1. Write down what you believe to be your “natural talents" – things you’ve always liked to do and you are naturally good at. Write down how and where you can use these gifts in your life and your work/business.
  2. Think about how you can reach out to ten times more people than you’re doing today. Think Big!

Speak out following Declaration loud and clear to yourself, to underline your intention:

“I think big! I choose to help thousands and thousands of people!”

My own experiences:

This wealth file really has opened up my eyes. I have realised that a fear has been holding me back, fear of failing and fear of notbeing good enough. The question, “What can I contribute, that has not yet been already contributed in a better way?” has been turning around in my head, in my subconscious. Even though I seek consolation in wonderful quotes and reassurements – it won’t help until it sinks deep down into my subconscious. I have now realised that me too has got something to give to people around the world, me too can help someone.

It is so obvious – reach out to more people, the bigger is the chance to find someone who is grateful for my help.



If you would like to start this journey from the beginning then click the following link:


Learn to think like a Millionaire
and your business will prosper!

😊 Pernilla

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McWord Premium
Thanks, Pernilla. I gotta get that book!!

Pernilla Premium
Hello again Mitch!
Yes, you really has got to read it. It's absolutely great!

Work on your vision,
and you'll fulfil your mission!
CraigW315 Premium
You continue to offer great summaries. I also always enjoy seeing people's own experiences and how they put things into effect themselves.

Thanks for sharing.
Pernilla Premium
Craig, just awesome to receive your comment.
Yes, something is happening within my mind, a change is slowly taking place, it takes some time but ...

in my mind there is a vision,
that I'll someday find my mission.

P.S. I've already bought Pam Grouts other two books which you recommended. When I've finished Ekers book, I'll start reading E-squared and do the exercises.
CraigW315 Premium
Phil-58 Premium
Well done and thanks for sharing your positive thoughts
You seem to be really positive after reading this book
Best wishes again
Cheers PB
Pernilla Premium
Yes, I'm learning a lot by reading this book. My Millionaire mindset is starting to take form!! Well, still a long way to go but...

... if we have a vision,
we'll som day fulfil our mission.

Cheers to you Phil
KYMDAWN01 Premium
Thanks for sharing!!
Pernilla Premium
Hello Kimberly!
May your business prosper,
and that you soon become a Millionaire!
MKearns Premium
Yes Pernilla. Fear - = $ + !
Pernilla Premium
Thanks for your support Mike!
Very much appreciated.

Get rid of the fear,
and the million will appear!