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April 27, 2017
Hello dear crew members!My journey through the internet space is progressing. When I have to refuel, I take a break and read some WA-blogs or look for good quotes online. The other day I came upon this Quote:Quote by Albert EinsteinFor me it is essential to work on my website or at least take part in the discussions on the WA platform every day, even if it is only for half an hour. This helps me to focus on my goal. Every now and then I get stuck. Then, I take a break and I do visualise my futu
Hello dear WA-Friends!As I logged in at WA today I was surprised by being greeted with the notification that I have achieved the Top 200 Ranking Badge.WA is a Wonderful and Awesome platform with a Wonderful and Awsome Community. I just love it here!Can’t stay away from WA, not even for a day!Thanks to you my friends, I have developed my knowledge of internet, the online business, internet marketing and even how to socialise on a web platform with a rocket-launch-like incline. There are s
April 08, 2017
Hello to you all!Today it is exactly two months ago since I joined WA and my website is finally starting to take shape. But I was not content with the appearance of my website, so therfore I decided to become a friend with the Wordpress System. This week I have dared to try things out and I have been able to open up my eyes for new ways of doing things. I have dared to do changes on the website, to see what happens when I do this or that. Slowley but surely I’m getting accustomed with the
March 31, 2017
Hello dear WA-Crew!During this week I have come upon several contributions within the WA community concerning how important it ist to make a plan in order to achieve your goals. These posts have made me to reflect about my own planning. I have come to the conclusion that if I want to succeed I have to make a more detailed plan than I have until now. The time is running and if I do not do a schedule what to do when and in what time, I won’t achieve my goal as fast as I wish to. From now on
Hello to you all WA-friends!I have been struggling with writing my first blog on my website for about a week now. It was hard enough writing the first main pages, but as I wanted to write the blog I got stuck.My progress in the certification course has slowed down considerably, because of this. Started to look what the nexts steps are, yearning to go on. But my conscience said, Pernilla, you have to stay on track, you have to follow the course step by step. Otherwise you will miss something imp
Dear WA-FriendsI love to read, and lately I read this in a book of Wisdom Tales. The follwing one I want to share with you. Perhaps some of you already know it.Only the BestOnce there was a farmer, whose corn always won the first prize at the state agricultural show. This farmer was known for a strange custom. He shared his very best corn seeds with all the other farmers in his neighbourhood. As he was asked why he did this, he answered, smiling: «It is in my own interest. The wind carrie
Hello to you all!I have now been a WA-Member for a month. I have learned a lot of new things. Above all I have got to know many, many people who are striving for the same aim like me: Finally becoming independent and be your own chief and manager of your own business. It feels good to have found this place – finally I have the confidence to be able to achieve my goal of having a job where I can work wherever I am in the world, at what time I like to and I do not have to ask anyone about p
March 10, 2017
Dear WA-Friends!My flight through space goes on. The rocket launch was heavy. To be honest, I was shaking with fear, having these unknown fields ahead of me. Would I stand the pressure? My first flight report got unexpected good recensions. Relieved till the bottom of my heart, I am now highly motivated and committed to this mission. This week I had some challenges to withstand. So happy there is enough oxygen on board! An important input from Mickey – which saves my life! The Wordpress-S
Hello dear WA-Friends!I have now been travelling around at WA for a good couple of weeks. The take off went better than expected. Only minor incidents during the rocket launch up into the internet space. Now I’m circling around in the upper athmosphere, feeling high of happiness, having my goal in sight – still in the distance, but getting closer each day. I see the Planet of Freedom far away, though there are some asteroid fields and comets in between to avoid, I am confident in re