Day 15. Enjoy the Music First

Last Update: May 30, 2019

Welcome future Pabs! Welcome to Day 15 of the 1000 days Journey!

Well, after a Hard days and ton ton of help from this beautiful comunity I started to feel a bit more relief...

I mean, it's like I am starting to understand ("feel" would be a better Word) this. I took of the pressure on me and I realized, or set, that it's a matter of "building" it. Not trying already to sell the magic product

Now I prefer to see this as "gathering" the fellows, the comunity, the "crazy ones" (ha ha, thank you Steve). I feel it now like those people on the street that start to make a spech or to play an instrument...and little by little people start to gather...

Yes, of course, if you are good, you'll get that conin But now that I reach This point I will change the tittle: "Start enjoying playing it"

That's all for today. I was researching a bit and I am shapeing my next post ohooo!

I love This comunity!

Best Wishes to all


P. S: Sorry, not time for grammar checking! I am doing grocery shopping and writing on my cellphone!

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bonzo124 Premium
1000 days journey? It's an interesting challenge!
Pepiccione Premium
See you there Bonzo! :)