Day 14. Today I am 100% GREATFUL for YOU Guys and Gals

Last Update: May 29, 2019

Day 14! And a bit better, and focused. I have my next idea and structure for my post!

But what I really want to say today is THANK YOU to all of you guys for the help, I´m cannot believe how helpful and carering this community can be. I am really grateful for you.

You took the time to explain me, to let me know that It´s normal, and that it´s part of the process.

It´s amazing how member at WA reach you to help you. I couldn´t do this my self.. Yestarday was a tough day!

Maybe it´s because it was 13th???? ha ha

I did not write anything else but just how great you guys are. This community really CARES.

I am so grateful, I wish I knew better English to let you know how much did you do :)

So, because of all this, I could finish my draft and tomorrow I will be posting it! uhuu!!! Second Post, thinking about my niche, and with keywords. Strategically insert them!

Now I think I am having progress now. Until next road block! haha!

So, thank you all of you that helped me just stopping by, reading my post, and helping me

Thanks to:

KoenGerard Koen
otikoroASH Ashley
Marlasmith Marla
J-KWest Jay
MelWaller Mel
Kari14 Kari
bluemoon Lynda

I hope I can help you back and meet you in a WA convention!

Best Regards to all


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AlexEvans Premium
One of the really good things about WA is the community.
Best wishes moving forward.
Pepiccione Premium
Yes! Sometime you think, who´s gonna take the time if everybody is trying to improve them self, but WOW..! I´m really happy :D (I know I will need them again soon!)
HannaC Premium
I'm happy for you!
Wishing you all the best!
Pepiccione Premium
Thank you Hanna!!
EdwinBernard Premium
Way to go Pabs!
Pepiccione Premium
Yes Edwin thank you. Little by little!