what's your opinion on COVID-19 Contact Tracing App

Last Update: April 23, 2020

Hello to all of you!

hope you all safe and doing well!

after you read this short post, I would like to hear your point of few about this newly app:

This smartphone app, will be introduced on the 28th of April, by the Federal government to the Australians, and will be a close model of a similar one that's used by the Singaporean Government, (but I personally I heard that many other country will implement such similar app.

For the time been we know that this tracing app will be voluntary and will digitize the current contact tracing process that already occurs when an individual tests positive to corona virus, and that unless 40% of the population has to download this app for this technology to succeed
This app will give the health authorities a full picture of an infected person and the persons that he did personally interact with.

Before hitting the download, we need to know who will use the data?

as also this app uses Bluetooth to trace other nearby phone that have installed the app

and they guaranty that will not trace their location........but the authority can get the Id codes for all the close contacts you've had, and will use the data to contact/notify potential contacts.

So they could assess and make the decision to Isolate and test those contacts,

(they could even come to your door and carry you away) let's hope is not the case.

Bluetooth signals travel true walls, linking you to your neighbor and so on, even if you've never actually been in actual physical contact, so it could give false positive e false negative when looking true the data! and eventually will be used to make decisions
that will effect the freedom voluntarily or not of the citizen's!

(it's a worry) as we already have lost the below

Please I really will like to hear your opinion on this new app, as myself I'm a bit concerned and puzzled about it.

I thank you beforehand for your input and participation

Take care, be safe and be well!


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Makinitwork Premium
Hi there. The jury is out for me. I will wait until the the first month of activation is over and re-assess the need for this new App. I have heard the pro and cons of this implementation am really not sure.

Most of my friends here in town don't want to register as they feel it is an invasion of privacy. But I have nothing to hide. Thanks for this discussion. cheers Jen
Pedrone Premium
Hello Jen,
thank you for coming by,
many of us have nothing to hide,
but there still the concern about privacy
as you mentioned,
and really we have to wait,
try and see the result,
and we will have a better understanding.

The app was first adopted in Singapore,
and "Stanleycmng" been from there has already
downloaded, installed and use the app,
and he left a comment here on this post
which gives his opinion and experience.

wish you a good and safe day:o)
Stanleycmng Premium
I am in Singapore and downloaded the app and also know the government agency developing it.

This app does NOTHING to prevent infection. Therefore, as far as I am concern as a consumer, it is useless to me.

If you are positive and hang around others with the app. The Gov will know who is in close proximity with whom and when, therefore it makes the job of contact tracing easier.

First and foremost, if you are not tested, it will not know if you are positive. Therefore the following scenario.

1. unknown to unknown close proximity
2. known to unknown close proximity
3. known to known close proximity

Scenarios 1 - can’t do anything cause you don’t know

Scenario 2 - you can do contact tracing to isolate these people

Scenario 3 - don’t need to do anything since both already have the virus and know about it and probably treated. Maybe you can catch them if they go out in which should be mandatory tracking and not this solution.

Going through all the trouble and violating privacy and personal data protection just for the above benefit, I think there are better solutions we can think off.

Just because a technology is available on a device doesn’t mean it is the best solution and in this case. I CHOOSE NOT to use it because the effectiveness is not there.
amcg Premium
This is great first hand knowledge! Thanks for sharing @stanleycmng!
Stanleycmng Premium
Pedrone Premium
Thank you very much,
Stanley, your comment is very straight to the point,
and I appreciate that you have told us
your experience and given your opinion about this app,
I agree with you totally!
we don't need this app,

have a good day
Pedrone Premium
I like that,
but what about your opinion on this app?
Joezout Premium
Pedrone it is impossible for this app to tell who you have been in close contact with, it can only tell who you are phoning. The only way it can work is off the camera, what it is doing is photo-shooting your surroundings. Cover-up the lens on your phone and you disable the app entirely it's that simple. You have the app and so you are satisfying the government and still keep your privacy.

Pedrone Premium
Thank you for the written advice
which is good for anyone that is following this post.

I'm aware of that and much more
also, a good aluminum case around the phone is good.....
as myself been targeted by such well-known world elite group
that is better not to disclose the name here.

I just recovering now from their attacks
and even if they left me in bad shape
is good that they could not
completely eliminate me,
Someone more powerful I believe is looking after me!
and I'm back again!

you have a great day!
and I'm with you all the way!
a1jonuk1 Premium
They are introducing it to the UK too Pietro.

I am not sure what to think about the app.

Will it save lives?

Do we need an app to tell us we may have Covid19?

It’s a difficult one for sure but I am against “Big Brother” acts.

What comes next, microchipping humans?

Pedrone Premium
hey, thank you,


I'm a bit edgy on how the governments of the world
bite by bite denudate all of us,
which whatever excuse maybe!

I know that we have a big change and might even
have fight to keep for our Democracy andFreedom!

So sad that the puppeteers are constantly
putting more attached strings to the puppets.............

Let's hope that all be fine!

have a good day
Willow29 Premium
I would not download an app such as this. I feel the government is using this virus to strip away more of our rights.
Pedrone Premium
good one!
thank you so much for your straight comment,
and I'm happy that the input you gave
is for the Freedom of the People,
let's hope that we can win this
Hidden frequency of the new order!

have a good day