Websites have to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Last Update: April 16, 2020

Hello Wealthy Affiliate People,

Yesterday I received an email that somehow got me interested,

and did make me a bit unsettle and concern,

I will share a part of the email here,

and wish to know if any of you is aware and knows more about of this online law and how to comply with it.

Internationally ALL websites have to comply with the Web Accessibility Guidelines and in addition inside the US, ALL websites have to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

Meaning your websites MUST be accessible to people with disabilities, e.g. anyone with issues to hear or see, anyone using a hearing aid, etc. when they’re online.

If you or your client’s website doesn’t comply, your business can be sued easily and quickly.

In fact, there have been over 10,000 lawsuits about this in 2019, just in the US, by some greedy law firms taking advantage of this no well-known law.

What’s worse is the fact that businesses have to settle in all these cases and the average amount to settle is $50,000.


should us be concerned?

Is there perhaps a plugin in WordPress to make websites comply with this law?

Please all comment and help are much welcomed,

and in advance I kindly thank you,

have a safe and good day


(alias= Pedrone)

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Babou3 Premium
I think it is a good thing to do to make the internet accessible to everyone. But that shouldn't stop business from growing. I don't live in the USA but I think it will end up spreading in Europe because everything that starts in the USA always ends up arriving here. If Google gives us the ability to fulfill this law it will be easier for everyone.

Let's wait and see!
Pedrone Premium
thanks for your participation,
I did fund some plugins on WordPress
that compliance with the ADA law
so that's good!
because as you mentioned above, me too I believe
that Europe will implement that law soon.

below on the attachment
shows some of the (ADA) plugins!

have a lovely day:o)

amcg Premium
Oh man, I know nothing about this! I hope someone on here does! I wouldn't want to be breaking an laws by not providing a need for a person a disability!

Pedrone Premium
hello, thank you for popping in and yes!

I did fund some plugins on Wordpress
to comply with (ADA)
shown on attachment below

have a good day
amcg Premium
These look good!
Pedrone Premium
yes, they do,
have a good Sunday
JeffreyBrown Premium
Definitely something to think about, Pietro! Thanks for sharing!
Pedrone Premium
hello, my friend,
check these plugins on WordPress that comply with (ADA)

thank you for coming by
have a good day
JeffreyBrown Premium
Will do, Pietro!
Mick18 Premium
This is good to know. Thanks for sharing.
STCCynthia Premium
Thanks for the information and the relevant comments