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Last Update: November 25, 2019

Hallo peeps..

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klchang Premium
Welcome, Joao, to Wealthy Affiliate.
Bravo for going premium. It shows that you are committed to your online business. You have made a wise decision … great. Keep it up. You should have gone through some of the lessons. Why not continue with the rest, when you are ready? Any plan to take advantage of the Black Friday Sales?
All the best and have fun learning.
Pedrogarcia7 Premium
Hallo Kichang, Thank you for welcoming!
i am hope to see the results in the future
i am building now the website and after that i will continue with de module 2

i guess i am not ready for the black friday yet, my website is quite empty

what about you?
klchang Premium
It is great to know that you are committed .. keep it up. Keep doing your training. It is OK that your website is quite empty now. Take your time.
Hmmm ... you will save a lot with the Black Friday offer and it is available only once a year. It is the only time that the annual membership will stay at $299 and thereafter ... ie about $25 per month. Anyway, I understand. You have your reason.
For me ... how to put it? Still stagnant but enjoying the learning and interaction here. It is a bit of uncertain but anyway ... enjoy your journey here. Be happy and have fun.
TELEX2019 Premium
Welcome to Premium my friend,

Congrats on your decision to venture to the land of many more opportunities.

Please get started with your training and Ask questions whenever you need to.

We are all here at WA to help you succeed.
CMKetay Premium
Whoo hoo! Best investment in yourself and the success of your business you could have made. Congratulations! Welcome to the family!