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My name is Stephen Mol, I'm 25 years old and I'm new to the internet marketing field.

Besides the fact of just getting back into internet marketing, I also work in the fast food industry. If you must know, the fast food chain that I work for is McDonald's. I've been doing it since 2003. I really hate my job and would like to quit working there as soon as possible. This is why I decided to give internet marketing another try. Although for now, I'm planning to keep IM as a secondary source of income, but I am hoping to turn it into a primary source in the future.

Some personal info about me. I have high functioning autism. It does have it's impacts on socializing with people at times as well as other issues too.

I also have scoliosis. I had a major back surgery in 1999 and as a result, I have two harrington rods in my back. I have difficulty of lifting anything more than 40 lbs and as a result. Because of this, I feel that many employers would not hire me due to my restrictions.

I do look forward to meeting many internet marketers out there ranging from new marketers to expert marketers making six figure incomes or more. And until then, I hope you have a nice day.
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jwall162 Premium
I have worked in food &beverage industry for 20+ years it is a great industry be because you could go any were and get a job. I would suggest that you could look in to prep-cooking in regular restaurants in stud of fast food joints there it is doggie/doggie world compared to a full service restaurants kitchen. It still gets a little crazy in there from time to time. But I had a couple of prep-cooks, when I managed in Florida with the same trouble you with the high functioning autism, once they got the routine down they were my best cooks. They just made me a little nerviest when I watching handle the knives, but they never cut them self. And they got the job done on time every time. And there dishes always looked great.
RealityCheck Premium
Very nice to meet you Stephen.

Off the IM topic, but more towards you fascinating about me. All Reality is in a constant eternal change. Zero Eternal Change to be exact, there is not one thing in the entire universe that is constant from one second to the next, nor static, as all matter, space, void, any descriptive words we care to use are in eternal flux. The key is to go with nature, and not try to go against it. Accept reality as it is, and flow with is gracefully to your intended destination, and you will arrive there much easier. It is never easy for anyone, as to live is a challenge no matter what, more so for some than others as you know, but it is easier to go downstream with nature than to paddle against the flow.

Wealthy Affiliate offers a rational, logical, method for anyone to go with the flow. As that flow changes, they change with it, rather than fight against the changing flow. I wish you the best, which means to do your best by going with the flow, until you arrive at your intended destination and success.
hutchi Premium
Good luck Steve and welcome Hutch
Labman Premium
Been hiding in the wings Stephen? Welcome back.
pcdoctor Premium
Hey there thank you.
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family