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What is Elementor?? Well basically, Elementor is a plug-in for your WordPress. What is not-so-basic though, is the amount of flexibility, control, and ease-of-use this plug-in can bring to your web design! I was recently introduced to this plug-in by a good friend, and was amazed at how much easier it made the process of designing my website. (**With one exception I'll cover at the end.) Elementor has several key features that will not only allow you to make beautiful pages/posts, but a
Even keeping myself somewhat reserved at this point, I can still easily & confidently say this much - after searching through many different resources, taking a plethora of "free online courses" that all teach basic concepts & principles but keep the real "nuts & bolts" how-to information behind some end-training-revealed high-ticket price wall, hundreds of hours spent researching, countless days spent sorting through a sea of more less just scams really, months of scouring the web