I have applied for Google adsense over a week ago but I keep on receiving publisher policy reports emails? They inform me about violating the rules etc... They also mention that within the 24hrs, they have detected some cases of non-respect of the rules and that they have stopped showing ads on the pages concerned. However, when I go check on my account which pages they are talking about, I don't find any warnings? How do I know which pages and where to look for them on my Adsense account?

Thanks for your help friends! :)


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Triblu Premium
Hey Anne-Caroline,

Not being a user of Adsense, I'll take the other members comments as being accurate and suggesting that in the future, if in doubt about ANY email you receive, here's a video to show you how to determine whether an email is spam... or not: Hope you find this helpful.
paulash177 Premium
That email in inconsequential
LMH1968 Premium
Just delete those mails they are trying to hack you.
Edilberto1 Premium
Careful this scammers online, you just only look official adsense site or ask direct site support. Look detailed and relevant whatever you receive emails. Careful
AbieAJ Premium
It may be phishing, as you were in your account there isn't such a thing. It is scam / spam - I would not click on any links within those email warnings.