Hello Everyone,

I've been using Google Adwords for several months but the total clicks are not being reflected on My Stat. PPC Conversion Tracking for Google Adwords are working correctly, as well as, Google Analytics. What did I miss? Did I leave something out?

Thank for your help,

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MKearns Premium
GA is not the brightest bulb in the traffic array. Traffic will come in at a trickle at best until several weeks have passed!
TheDummyOfWA Premium
Google is a little tricky, and I would be careful with their adwords program, and not worry so much about it! You'll make so much more concentrating on affiliate programs through your Niche! Sometimes Google will just shut down your adwords account, and not give you a reason! They only pay pennies as well, focus on Affiliate programs, and the money will start coming in faster!! :)