I again blocked a friend's attempt to join him in overthinking. Yes, it seems he got into a "analysis paralysis" which prevented him from achieving success in online marketing, for years!

Several times he attempted to engage with me into a Socrates-like or Plato-like debate over Messenger where he showed devotion to Perry Marshall mentioning the guru's price of $39,000. But since I felt so lazy reading even the introduction of Perry's sales page, I brushed the invitations aside.

I told him, "Bro, don't over complicate things. I don't like evangelists using Latin or Greek terminologies. Salvation is simple, why complicate it?" Perhaps, I said that because I know there are trainings online that can teach what Perry Marshall is teaching at a lower price or even in a more simple style.

I just hate gurus who rever to themselves like they're gods. And I hate seeing someone put such kind of price tag when you can just learn online marketing for free or for a small fee here in WA, in Hubspot, in Affilorama, or even in Youtube!

Or, did I miss something? Have I gone so stupid in making all these statements? Or, maybe I'm just a human being who doesn't like losing more hairs overthinking things like a monk.

What do you think of him?

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ashdew Premium
In Online Marketing world all look and sound the same - don't they?
PaulWatson Premium
Sadly he is not the only one who does this..

You just have to watch your Facebook stream to see them come through these days...
JMatonge1 Premium
Perry Marshall has overpriced himself. I love this platform much better.
Kyle Premium
Yeah, the idea is that if you charge more, you are worth more. That logic was thrown out of the window a long time ago, but some didn't adapt to the Internet and still feel that they are better off taking advantage of a few people, versus offering value to many more. :)

To each their own though, I have never been one to over pay for education, in fact I am of the class that believes that real life application is where most of the education actually takes place.
GomMagtibay Premium
Well-taken, Kyle. Thanks. :)
JKulk1 Premium
I agree with you Gom, he is well and truly overpriced. Jim
GomMagtibay Premium
Oh, thank God! I've got a company here! :)