I've heard about placing ads on your site to make money when people click on them. However, I'm not all that familiar with Google Adsense and I was hoping if someone could fill me in on some benefits/drawbacks it has? Also, does it mess up your SEO or site loading time?


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nathaniell Premium
You can make really good money with Adsense and other ad networks if you have a high traffic websites: Also, it's a great way to monetize content which doesn't easily lend itself to affiliate promotions: Kyle will cover Adsense within the lessons. He talks about it in Level 3. However, I'd wait until you have consistent traffic to sign up to Adsense and put those ads on your site. At least a few hundred visits per day is my recommendation.
JoseGallegos Premium
Thanks man, sounds good!
Bolupe Premium
I find Google Adsense great for me. It's a passive income while waiting to qualify for Mediavine. Yes, it affects loading times.
MarionBlack Premium
You need a lot of traffic to make Adsense worth putting on your website. And, yes, it does slow down your site's loading speed.
TheCatherine Premium
Google Adwords is Pay per click marketing. Google clients pay Google to place their ads at the top of the page and they are denoted by a small rectangle on the left that says ad. So you can see that it is a promoted post.

on the converse side of the coin is Google Adsense a platform created by Google to create a platform for their paid ads.