Let's Talk about Affiliate Marketing

Like in many other business fields, Affiliate Marketing is an area that has developed its own jargon.

My question is centred on how affiliates are paid - in terms of leads conversion. Please can someone clarify the meaning of the following 2 terms. Also, explaining which works better.

  1. Pay-Per-Lead
  2. Pay-Per-Conversion

Many thanks.

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WLusink Premium

Pay-Per-Lead is when you have an affiliate link on your site, and people click that and subsequently they register with the company. At this point the company has a 'lead' and they will pay you for that.
Generally this model works with businesses that have faith in their own selling skills. So on average they know they are going to make for example 10$ per lead. If they have this average worked out, they are happy to pay you 1$ for a lead.

Pay-Per-Conversion is when you have an affiliate link on your site, and people click it and subsequently buy something. The company will now have a 'Conversion' for which they made some money. Since they didn't have to do anything for this sale, they are happy to pay you a small percentage of this profit.

Hope this helps!
ZEGU Premium
Hi, Wluslink, thanks so much for responding. That makes sense to me now.

The one, most of us at WA are involved in, is the Pay-Per-Conversion.
WLusink Premium
Perhaps the PPC format is more well know and more easy to understand, so that's the one that is first explained.

I really like PPL because in some cases it's as simple as having someone fill out a form and you'll get paid. So people don't pay anything, which is really low-threshold, and you do get paid.

I'm a beginner, so I haven't made my first sale with free traffic yet, but if I find something good with PPL, I'm surely going to work with that
ZEGU Premium
I recently made a few earnings through Google Adsense.
One thing I'm told by fellow members who have had a breakthrough in sales is to keep writing quality content reaching the 1500+ words per post.