I registered with google ad sense about 3 weeks ago-I put the link on my site and waited for my site to be checked. About a week passed and still nothing so I did as someone on this forum suggested and started the process again. It's now been about two weeks and still nothing? The box is blank on my website and every time I log into my google ad sense account it says they are reviewing my website. Should it really take this long or have I done something wrong?

I should also mention that I have been stuck on lesson 8 of course 3 for nearly a month now because of this!Any help gratefully received!

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Louise2812 Premium
Thank you both, that's put my mind at rest! Happy new year.
boomergp08 Premium
Sometimes it can take weeks. But don't let it stop you from moving forward with your training. Google AdSense is not really an important part of your future success.

It is just another small money making option that would not be much of a benefit to a new website. Many people, myself included, do not even bother to use it.

Just mark the task completed and move on with your training. If down the road and after your website is getting a lot of organic traffic, you wish to apply for AdSense again, you can do so then.
MarionBlack Premium
Don't let this stop your progress. Just mark the tasks completed and go on with the next lesson. Adsense is not important and working on your website IS.