Anyone using online salespro?

Is there any value in setting up a capture page or using a lead generation system?

Anyone know whether its a worthwhile affiliate program?

Or is this another border-line scam, costly curve (waste of time & money) I should rather avoid?

All the best


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AnthonyMLM Premium
I was a member of online sales pro, I stopped not because of the program itself, I felt that I was wasting money on something that didn't have my full attention. $37.00 a month adds up

Based on my experience, I enjoyed the opportunity, it's a great place for beginners to start building a list. The landing page where great. But you also have to fit in a budget of $37.00 a month. But just my opinion, I think it's a great investment if you can afford it. Watch the training videos to get a good understanding of how it works and creating landing pages.

If you are looking to build your list? It's great.
If you need great looking landing pages? It's great
If you can afford $37.00 a month? It's great starter.

You have to experience it for yourself. Everyone has their own opinion about a program. Hope this helps.
laurenjean Premium
Thanks Anthony. I appreciate your input.
I would only be prepared to try it if I could be sure it would pay for itself.
Did you use it to build a list for WA or an MLM system or online salespro itself?

All the best