Since my sites aren't eligible yet for Google AdSense' Matched Content Ads, I am not sure if I will earn when visitors click on a link to a related post done by me.

But this new one from AdSense excites me!

Imagine I am the owner of example .com (used as example here)

At the end of every blog post, I have Matched Content Ad from Google AdSense, and as you see in this picture, links to my blog posts that are related to the current blog post's topic is displayed.

Alongside my own posts, there are recommended articles which are labeled "ads" or "promoted".

If visitors click on the ones labeled "ads", I will earn of course.

But what if the visitor click on the ones linking to my related posts? Will I earn?

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WLusink Premium
I don't think that you will. Who would be paying for that?
Google certainly won't.
GomMagtibay Premium
Makes sense. That was what I'm thinking also, and just wanting confirmation from others. Thanks.
Kyle Premium Plus
Yeah, you can get a decent amount of clickthroughs through Adsense and you can layer them on top of other affiliate advertisements within your content.

I usually recommend affiliate marketing first as you can earn dollars instead of pennies with adsense (if you make a sale) and you always need to remember that the people putting ads on your site through AdSense, and are generating revenue as a result and more than their clicks are costing them typically.
GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks, Kyle. Noted. I'll go for the bigger ones. I've seen a lot of examples here, making hundreds and even thousands with Amazon.