What does it mean when affiliate partner say bid on brand copyright and ther site is noy allowed?

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ClintonBee Premium
Brand Bidding Not Allowed

What does this mean?

It means we/ affiliates are not able to run ads - With the companies brand name as a key word.

A few reasons companies may have these rules are to keep ad costs down and to keep specific search traffic being directed to their trusted site.

For example, in terms of how brand bidding effects the company on google ads.

Company like Aweber doesn't allow brand bidding

So there bids would be
Aweber = $1 per click
Affiliate 1 = $0 per click (not able)
Affiliate 2 = $0 per click (not able)

With less competition Aweber can own #1 Search position for a lower cost per click

Cost per click $1 For Aweber to get number 1 spot with no competition

Wealthy affiliate does allow brand bidding for affiliates

So there bids would be
Wealthy affiliate = $3 per click
Affiliate 1 = $1 per click
Affiliate 2 = $2 per click

With more competition getting placement on #1 Search position will cost more per click

To own #1 spot the bidders must be willing to pay more than.

Google ads there will be some other ranking criteria - Ad rank, your ad history, relevance ect - Though if ads are similar ranking will then be determined by the highest bidder.

Some companies will allow brand bidding - In this case it is likely that they might not be running ads themselves and allow affiliates to pay for ads to bring in clients.

Companies that don't allow brand bidding are likely to be looking for lower ad spends themselves.

Hope that helps explain it a little.
MKearns Premium
There are legal ramifications and these are approached to dealing with them. http://www.mdgadvertising.com/blog/9-ways-to-protect-your-brands-patent-copyright-and-trademark/
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wes2 Premium
Thanks Shwni
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