Good day WA community,

I hope all of you are working hard and staying safe. I have a relevant PPC ad that I am seeing between 6 - 10% click through rate right now. My questions is should I have my subscribers land on content in the form of an article or review page, or should I have my "wealthy affiliate custom home page" as the landing page when prospects click on my PPC ad?



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megawinner Premium
I would suggest Adwords.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
That's an interesting question! The only way you're going to get answer to that is split test it. If you send them to a review post and they don't click through it because either they're not interested or they are freebie seekers. You have to then tweak your ad to express conversion rate.

If you send them to a normal blog post, i.e. your landing page, then you have a high chance of them signing up but also a higher chance of them not converting into a sale.

There is the option the once they sign up they will see the value and then become premium
neilrc Premium
I've tried sending PPC traffic to my WA custom link and WA review post, but just wasted money. So send them to a normal blog post instead. This is what Kyle teaches in his Bing ppc video in the bootcamp :)