In the last couple of days I've noticed that my CTR has decreased from an average of 2% to 0.2%, 10x decrease doesn't sound like normal variance.

I haven't changed anything. I follow the rules and don't click on my ads or ask anyone to click. I even use a plugin called "adsense invalid click protector" to protect against invalid clicks.

I get about 150 page views per day and usually I'd get about 3 or maybe 4 clicks everyday. For the past 7 days I got about 1000 page views and only 2 clicks, compared to before where after 1000 page views I'd normally get at least 20 clicks. anyone else experiencing this?

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herinnelson Premium
Mine have also been low with much more views than clicks. It's not doing as well as it was before and I haven't changed anything either. I wish you well. You can always give feedback. Glad to connect and see you around!