The Light Has Just Come On

Last Update: June 11, 2019

I've just had an epiphany! Someone just turned on the light. The fogginess that I was stumbling through just became a lot clearer!

Building a Brand

Google has recognised that my site has a branding, and Google also knows who my target audience is. I knew this, but I forgot why I was building my website.

I was looking at my stats forlornly, checking my rankings, trying to figure out why Google wasn't ranking my posts.

The Light Came On

Click! It suddenly dawned on me! Google was telling me something all along. In plain sight, Google was telling me that it was ranking me on every blog that related to my Brand and my Target Audience!

The more I deviated from that focus; the more I drifted off into the mist, then so did my rankings! Aaaargh! How could I have been so dumb! It is so obvious now. Stay on point, Paul!

Moving Forward

I haven't written a single post for my site in over a week. I have been totally lost, wandering around in the fog, not knowing where I was going. Now I can see the path again, I can write.

My next article, which I have started, is back on track and heading in the right direction. I feel confident that Google will rank this article, as it now fits well within my target audience.


I know I must keep my website posts in line with my overall branding and keep the theme of the post relevant to who I am writing for.

I must stop writing generalised articles.

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EdwinBernard Premium
Glad you saw the light Paul. May I ask if this website is based on your niche resulting from the OEC courses?

Or is it focused on promoting Wealthy Affiliate through the BootCamp or Super Affiliate Challenge?

I noticed that I got ranked easily when I was developing my niche website. I have placed that on hold while I focus on the SAC. I have not got a single post on this website ranked on the first page yet. But I am not worrying since I feel I need to add many more articles to build my brand. This is a much more competitive field compared to my legal service niche.

You made a great point about focusing on building your brand. And Google will eventually recognize that and rank you accordingly.


Tmgreen Premium Plus
Glad things are moving for you again.


alfredg1948 Premium
great news Paul
LauraFuller Premium
Great news, Paul that you are on the track again. It sure is a good feeling.

Twack Premium
Those 'lightbulb' moments really are the best.