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My website is getting a makeover. I started my site last year. I have taken my time progressing through the course, and now I have got to the stage of reviewing my blogs. What I know now is a lot different from what I knew last year! I didn't know what a featured image was until a few weeks ago. They do make a big difference to the blog-roll. I'm not sure if it is my theme or if it is general, but of my theme - twenty sixteen - the suggested size for a featured image is 1024 by 400 pixels. If I
We know we must do something that is important, but we find other 'important' tasks to do instead. Invariably, our day runs out, we are out of time, and we make some convincing excuse as to why we couldn't do that important task today. There's always tomorrow. Why do we procrastinate?What is procrastination? Procrastination is more than a habit, which we all have, to a greater or lesser degree. Our brains are wired to keep us safe, whether from physical harm or mental harm. As soon as our brain
I've made some break-throughs this week.I've Broken Through my ProcrastinationI have successfully completed a 1,500 word blog post to my website. It should have been published last month but with the ever present procrastination, it didn't get published until today. One step forward.Online Entrepreneur CertificationShared the article on Facebook, thereby allowing me to make headway on the Entrepeneur Certification. Another step forward.Affiliate BootcampI started the bootcamp last week, and I h
A BIG Thank YouI have just past 500 followers here on Wealthy Affiliate. It is an honour to have your faith in me. It has been a fantastic journey so far, and I am looking forward to building on what I have learnt to date. It is my privilege to have so many followers, and I promise to pay back with regular posts, and insights into my progress within Wealthy Affiliate.Thank you for your support. It is greatly appreciated.Paul.Be Happy!
Before There Was Wealthy AffiliateIt all started when I drifted past 60 years of age and realised I was now in my seventh decade! For forty-five years I have been diligently working hard to make other people wealthy. I.e., I was an employee. My pension arrangments have been far from ideal. I had little to look forward to in retirement. I want to be a wealthy affiliate. I began searching the internet looking to find a way to make it happen. I spent many years building websites and blogging aimle
July 16, 2018
Strong Oaks GrowSixteen months ago I joined Wealthy Affiliates. I wondered then if I was doing the right thing. Looking back over the past year, I am confident that I made the correct choice.I have been working my way through the certification course. I have built a Wordpress website, used plug-ins and tampered with themes. Frequently, I have had setbacks. Sometimes I took a break and had a breather. I never lost faith in Wealthy Affiliates or Internet Marketing.There is always something new to
TemplatesOn starting the editor, you can start with a blank page or use an existing template or create your new template. Any template you create can you can save for later use.It makes content writing less stressful and gives you more time to clock up the words. Most accomplished authors will advocate writing, just writing! You can go back and edit, correct your writing when you have finished, or you can modify as you go along. I tend to do a combination of the two. It all depends on the flow.
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I've written my business plan, now what? Well, for one thing, I know what to focus on with regards to my business needs.The What!I now have a plan that defines my "what." I now know what I am doing. I know what my business name is. I know what my branding will be. I know what my target audience is. Understanding my audience dictates my style of writing. Though I am a technical professional, my audience will be the non-technical, possibly even technophobic! Knowing this prevents me from writing
If you want to become wealthy, start your own business, work for yourself, get online, or so, we are led to believe! That's all very well but what business? Do what online?You need to find your niche, the sage will tell us. What is a niche and which niche should I choose?I will answer those two questions in turn.What is a Niche?Well, the dictionary term when relating to business is "products, services or interests, specialising in a small section of the population". What I mean here is best exp
A Business Plan is a necessity to see where you are going. Not only that, it can highlight where you have been. Are you on track to attaining your goals? Benjamin Franklin once said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail". This statement is still true today.It does not matter how big or small your business is you should still write your business plan.I did not know how to write a business plan! I Googled 'How to write a Business Plan' and was flooded with results. Some good some bad, as is alway