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It doesn't matter how carefully we put one foot in front of the other, can we really stop making careless mistakes when blogging?In short, probably not! To err is to be human. Until we are replaced by machines, we will continue to make mistakes. Things to Do to Reduce Mistakes Do not edit, proofread, or publish a blog post when you are tired! Leave your blog post overnight in "Draft". Check it the next day when you feel refreshed. Also, leaving your blog post for a day will help you read your
December 02, 2018
I am reviewing a writing app that I came across over the weekend. This formulated a new goal for December 2018.In addition to my Site Content goals, I have already set (in the Site Content editor) as 10,000 words and 6 articles published by the end of this year, I will be writing 250 words every day using the new app that I mentioned above. In the New Year, I will write and publish a 3,000 word review article for this app. I started on the 2nd of December so I should finish the month with over
I was asked not very long ago by a fellow Wealthy Affiliate, how to write a successful blog post, this occurred after I was telling him how easy it is, and how I have simplified the process to just five steps.The five steps that I use to write good quality blog posts is one, keywords; sometimes I do, sometimes I don't, later. Secondly, I then plan my attack; I like the simple approach for this. The third step is the most important. So, important, I will divulge it here. Just write, never edit u
November 28, 2018
As of November 26, 2018, Google have updated how their Search Console reports data from your site.The emphasis is on "Mobile Friendly" sites. The telling statement published in their March, 2018 announcement is:"Having said that, we continue to encourage webmasters to make their content mobile-friendly."If you want to read more detail of this announcement you will have to visit the Google Search Help.Paul.Be Happy!
I made my first video and posted it online, here in WA. I made it a training video as there is no facility to add a video to a WA blog. But if you head over to my training you can listen to my story of how I become a WA member.I was having issues with my setup, so I resorted to using the iMac built-in camera and microphone. It was OK but it only captures HD video at 720p, unlike the newer iMacs that record at Full HD 1080p.Facing the CameraFollow the link to watch my first video and how I cope
November 15, 2018
I attempted to produce my own video this evening after work. I had moments of being tongue-tied, losing my way and generally having a good giggle! Very little progress. I have very little time during the week, so, I will try again at the weekend. I can see this is going to take a couple of hours. My kit is basic: a desk lamp reflecting off a white wall. I am using an iPhone 6 on a desktop tripod, and the tried and tested ATR3350 Lavalier condenser microphone.My goal is to produce an introductio
I think I know what I am doing, but I don't! I understand this, I understand that, but I'm a novice at Wealthy Affiliate. If, you feel like this, then you are not alone. Just stay focused and learn to earn with Wealthy Affiliate.For some of us, it will take a few months to get through the training, and learn to make fewer mistakes and start earning money online. For many of us, it will take somewhat longer to understand the lessons being taught. We need to repeat some lessons. It may involve go
I have just completed part 1 of the Affiliate Bootcamp. Finally, I feel I'm getting somewhere, now that I've built my affiliate Wordpress site, and my writing is improving. I used the free twenty-seventeen theme, which will do until the money starts rolling in and I can afford to start paying for services and themes.Getting started This is the hardest part, though Kyle makes this easy. In this lesson, Kyle explains where he will be leading you.Of course, before you get started you will have to
I have now completed Affiliate Bootcamp - phase 1 - Getting Your Business Rolling, and Kyle says reward yourself. So, I've ordered a microphone from Amazon! It was a fun first course and I was so pleased with myself for completing a 2,500 word post within my set time-scale (over two days) about 5 hours of work in total. It is by no means perfect, and the judge will be the search engines and the jury will be my target audience.Good-night, All.Paul.Be Happy!
I don't know why but today I have been feeling tired. I don't know why I just am.I logged on to My Wealthy Affiliate and I discover my rank has been recalculated and I have been placed in the top 200 at 197! This was just the pick-me-up I needed. Though I have yet to aquire any referals my stats tell me that, I have been steadily been doing better in the last three months. With stil four days to go of October, my clicks, both 'raw' and 'unique' has increased significantly this month. I guess I'