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April 26, 2019
What do you need to start a business? Well, since I started with Wealthy Affiliate, the one thing I found that has helped me the most in building my business online is the friendship and support! The is always someone to chat to in the community "Live Chat". This is an essential tool in the Wealthy Affiliate arsenal.Community SpiritThe help and support that has come my way has been invaluable. Without which I would have given up long ago. It's great that there are so many people with more marke
It seemed like an innocuous advert, starting a business is not hard. I used my Wealthy Affiliate link directly from my Facebook ad image to one of Kyle's training videos.The advert was running well, and I was getting traffic to Wealthy Affiliate. As I have shown on the screenshot, the activity on FaceBook was good. For $15 dollars, I got 106 clicks and 5 shares. The cost per click (CPC) was 15c.Facebook Disapproved my AdEight days into my ten day campaign, Facebook disapproved my ad. After my i
I'm moving up a gear!Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)I am progressing well with my external SEO course. I have been studying and practicing keyword research, and getting to know my competition. This process has enabled me to expand my list of keywords for future blog posts. As a bonus, my list of 50 keywords task towards my SAC 2020 challenge for this month, has been added to and that task no longer looks as daunting as it did last week!Giving ForwardThe Challenge task of helping other WA membe
There is a long list of tasks to complete by May 20th.Posting to my WebsiteI have posted my third article of the month, yesterday. I plan to publish two more this week. My goal for the final week of the month is a further three articles. Can I do it? I know I can. By blogging my intentions, I have significantly increased my chances of success.Building my BrandMy branding is going well, and I will be tweaking areas of the site to enhance that look.Wealthy Affiliate BloggingThe WA Blog will have
There is a bug in the latest version of Lazy Load by WP Rocket.Following some big changes to my website, I cleared my cach in my Safari and Chrome browsers, on my iPhone. When I went to load my website in both browsers, super fast load, but no images, at all!I'm not sure if this affected desktop browsers, but it may do. I fixed the problem and left it at that.Uncheck the box "Images" in your Lazy Load plugin, as shown below, and images will be downloaded and displayed as normal. I hope this get
April 11, 2019
Late last night, I recieved Kyle's email and I opened up the first month's training for Super Affiliate Training 2019-2020 (SAC 19/20). There is a lot to do, but I am confident I can complete all the tasks on time - 20th May 2019.I started to list all the 19 tasks on Trello, by pereferred kanban board. I have used Trello in the past and I am already familiar with it.I then started looking for a Logo design. there was not cat in hells chance of me coming up with anything I could call creative! I
Today I was inspired. You inspired me by the help and support I continue to get from the Wealthy Affiliate community. If you haven't read Admiral McRaven's book - Make Your Bed - I recommend that you do. I take a quote from the Admiral - Find Someone To Help You Through Life.What did Admiral McRaven mean by that? His statement stems from his NAVY SEAL training "Life can be hard. Real hard". You can give up, or despite the hardships, you keep going. If you choose to keep going, you can't do it a
March 16, 2019
Have you ever felt, "What's the point", "Why am I doing this" or "It's too hard"?Well, you're not alone. Almost everyone goes through this stage at some point when learning something new. The people who do succeed are the one's who don't give up.During the last few winter months, I have gone through stress and dispair with my "Day Job". The weather has been cold, wet and windy, in what seems like forever! Just last week I have battled through a chest cold, and breathing is still difficult.But,
I stated in my earlier blog post that I will be writing 250 words a day in trialling a writing app, and at the end of this, I will write a 3,000-word review.Today, I completed my free trial which ended with me finishing my 3,000 free words within two weeks. My experience will form the basis of my review article which I will be starting right away.First ImpressionsI found writing 250 words every day easier than I thought. I also fe
December 10, 2018
It has just been announced by Google, that the demise of Google+ will be brought forward four months as another bug has been found, affecting 54.5M accounts. Google will now shut down Google+ in April 2019.