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The sun rose, and the local pheasant started his dawn chorus. Another busy day ahead.Sixty Birthday PartyNot mine! That’s long gone! One of Jip’s friend’s is 60 today. As it’s such an auspicious year, nine Buddhist monks are visiting the island for the occasion. I’m only playing a supporting role, but that will my morning taken care off, until I get home in the afternoon.Super Affiliate ChallengeLate last night I outlined my 10th post of this month’s challeng
I am ChallengedThere is no doubt it has been a challenging week. Several times I have been tested. I had to draw deep and press on. During the day, I am asked to do the impossible, yet it still gets done.When I come home from work I think things will be different but the challenges don't stop. I might stub my toe or I might lose some work. These events happen every day to a greater or lesser degree. On each occasion when I am faced by new challenge, there is no option but to take a deep breath
I didn't think I would be writing this, but it is not acceptable to lose 30 minutes of work! This amounts to around 300 - 500 words lost (30 minutes interspersed with research). I will now have to retype what I had written, and I know it will not be the same. It appears that the SiteContent 'Autosave' only works under certain conditions.I have no idea what happened other than I accidentally pressed Command-Z (Ctrl-Z). This in itself should not 'undo' revisions! I was manually saving, as well as
May 07, 2019
Last night was a struggle. I started the week well - two posts in two days. I came how from work yesterday and thought I could write another post for my website. But 200 words in and a ton of research, I called it a day. I was feeling really rough!I persevered with watching some training and doing some keywords research, which was fun and less taxing on the brain. There are some good keywords I added to my to do list. My SAC 50 Keyword list is looking good now.I got up this morning, made breakf
Aaaaaaargh! Only two weeks until the end of this first month's Challenge! Don't panic!Seriously, I am comfortable with where I am. I'm not saying it has been easy, but until I can make this my full-time job, it is always going to be a challenge to get in enough hours to keep up with all the tasks. Coffee! I need lots of coffee!Help is Never Far AwayGoing into Live Chat every day is two-pronged! I go on to help someone, and lo and behold, I learn something new! Twice in the last 30 minutes in Ch
It's that time of year already! This year's annual carnival event is TT Racing in the Isle of Man, where the island opens its doors once more, to welcome riders and spectators from around the world, to what is frequently called the most dangerouse race in the world. The supermen and superwomen race their powerful machines around our island on closed public roads. With the motorbikes just inches away from the spectators, and the bikes toping in excess of 200 mph on the straights, it is a spectac
It was six months ago that I was thanking my Wealthy Affiliate friends for following me and joining my growing network. This morning I hit another milestone, when my network clicked over from 999 to 1k! It is great sharing my progress with you all. Thank you all so much, and with all the encouragement and support that you have given me.Together we can all succeed. When I started Bootcamp, I was just bumbling along at my own comfortable pace, and so were my statistics! My WA Stats were flat for
I'm calling it a day now. I've been working at my desk this evening and my back pain has returned. My posture is not correct, and it hurts!Despite the pain, I have written 500 words of my next article. When finished it will be close to 1,500 words. One thing I have noticed, as I'm working, writing as well as researching, ideas and keywords for future articles are coming at me thick and fast. Best of all when I start feeding these ideas through Jaaxy they are low hanging fruit with double-digit
I've pushed myself hard this last week. But, I need to push harder to reach my targets! My Word Count goal I set for this first month was set at 22,500 words. I've completed 10,576 words! With only three weeks until the end on this first SAC month, I still have a lot to do! My writing level according to SiteContent Stats is 5/5. I need to up this to 6/5!Blogs and SEOI had intended to post three articles to my SAC website last week, I only managed two! Both were good, indexed within hours and t
April 27, 2019
Some days start like an Apollo launch. Other days it's like walking knee deep in mud! Well, today was a bit of both. It started off so well, but then went a bit adrift! All in all, it's been a funny old day!After yesterday's successes of SEO copywriting, I was looking forward to attacking today like storm Helen, that blew through last night. I've been online on and off all day, chatting and helping out where I could assist in Wealthy Affiliate. But, no writing!Thai Sausages Go ShoppingJip and I