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Today is the first day of practice for the 2019 Tourist Trophy (TT). The year is also the 100th event of the TT to be held on the island. The TT began in 1907, and every year since then, axcept the two World War years, making this the 100th event.Visitors From Around The WorldOur ferries and aircraft are busy bringing not only the riders and their respective teams, but tens of thousands of visiting spectators. There are over 500 TT Marshalls that are required to make this event possible. Many o
I have had a terrible few days. If, I'm honest, it's more like a few weeks. It feels like I have a heavy heart, or someone is sitting on my chest. It's difficult to describe how I feel. Everyone looks at me and thinks I have a good life, that I don't have any problems. In reality, I feel so much is expected of me, and that sometimes, I just don't know how I can possible deliver.I don't like letting people down. I try to help everyone. No one seems to notice that I have problems too. Are you OK,
This past week has been a busy week for me, recuperating following Wealthy Affiliate - Super Affiliate Challenge, month one. There's a lot to take in, and I needed a rest. So, to take my mind of things, I set about investigating and fixing all the things wrong with my website, and all the things wrong that I didn't know about until I lifted the lid!I mentioned in an earlier post that I came across that awful 404 - Not Found! With that fixed, I started looking at everything else.Introducing Site
May 22, 2019
Well, after reading Nathaniell's excellent post on cleaning up and fixing old posts, I decided I should review some of my older website posts that have dropped of the Google radar.Updating Old Content was unsurprising my posts were not registering on Google anymore. I dug deeper into Google Search, Bing Webmaster and Yandex Webmaster. Oh Dear! What did I find? 301 redirects, 404 not found! Eek! Not forgetting Duplicate pages - CAN
I submitted my annual tax return last night. This is never my favourite task. Fortunately, our Isle of Man Tax Returns are online.This started me thinking about next year, and informing the tax man that my income has increased dramatically. I look forward to that.Paying taxes doesn’t bother me, on the contrary, it’s a good indicator of how well I am doing. So, next year, I am looking forward to not getting my usual rebate, but a tax demand. That will be a first!I briefly read throug
At the beginning of last week, I was starting to doubt myself. It was a tough time for me, and many times, I felt like ringing the bell! But with the support of my accountability partner - Kettei - I'm here today, to say; I have completed all the tasks in Super Affiliate Challenge - Month One.I was on the verge of working through the night yesterday, but shortly after midnight, tiredness got the better of me. Five hours later saw me back at my desk and completing my 12th and longest post of 2,2
May 19, 2019
I have noticed frequent questions regarding the Traffic, QSR and SEO figures on Jaaxy. I love Jaaxy, and I spend a lot of time in there. It is a treasure trove. But, what is Traffic, QSR and SEO? How do they relate to one another?Once you have entered in the keyword(s) that you are researching, Jaaxy lists that keyword along with further suggestions, displaying numbers under several headings. Here I am going to cover Traffic, QSR and SEO.What is Traffic?Traffic is the easiest one to explain, an
May 14, 2019
Google is Killing CTR? But, Google is always changing the nature of SEO. Are we witnessing the End of SEO? Why is the Click-Through-Rate (CTR) so important to Affilaite Marketer?Where is Google's FutureWe all know that Google is forever tweaking their "secret" algorithm. But is Google giving "higher" priority to paid adverts over organic results, even if the SEO listings are more relevant to the search term?Relevant content will still rule the roost, but pure SEO will find it harder to achieve
Wow! Into the last week of a very long first month of the Challenge. What a challenge it has been!Things I Learned Top of my list of things I learned is, "I don't know everything"! In the process of learning a new skill, I discover something else I don't know, which wasn't my primary focus. Learning in itself brings with it peripheral knowledge. I can write, and people do read what I write. I worry about this all the time. Is this a common trait with writers? Are we that insecure? Note to self:
May 12, 2019
I broke one of my own rules this week - Write Don't Edit!I am Not Perfect!Having wasted so much time with perfecting my first few paragraphs, two paragraphs was all I got done! That is not how it should be done, and neither is it how I usually write. I don't know what came over me.My outline of a 2,000 word article I had sketched out on Friday evening and I was feeling optimistic for the week-end. What I had not foreseen was that I was not going to have much free-time this weekend. Yesterday mo