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Installing the premium theme, GeneratePress Premium went surprising well.Down For MaintenanceI used WP Maintenance Mode plugin to let Google and any other visitors know that my site has not gone away and is just down for a short while for maintenance. Once I had finished installing GeneratePress Premium, and I was happy everything was working, I deactivated this plugin and deleted it.Installing GeneratePress Premium I followed the instructions explicitly, and they are plain and with easy steps.
I had everything planned for this weekend. Unfortunately, I underestimated my abilities!My side-hustle is taking way longer than I anticipated. It is about 50% complete, and it will probably take the rest of the day unless other tasks steal my time. In which case, it will be a late night!Yesterday, I took my wife into town to help with the shopping. Now that the TT Racing is over, it's been two weeks since we ventured into Douglas town. I was happy to accept the situation and I did get to spend
June 06, 2019
Do your legs feel like lead in the morning? Does the thought of opening your front door, getting into your car and turning up for work, attract an instant dark cloud?It's time to re-evaluate the purpose of keeping that day JOB (Just Over Broke)!For sometime now, I have had the feeling that my time with my current employer is over.After the last round of redundancies, I turn up for work each day and wonder will I be next.At 64, do I really want to find another job? In truth, no way!What do I wan
The mountain is still there and I'm still climbing. Some of these SEO Audits are helpful, some just lie! It has opened my eyes as to why people supply these tools. It would seem just to get more traffic and rankings for themselves.On a positive note, these tools have given me a better understanding of what I should be looking for. I found another 404 today, so these SEO Audit tools are not a complete wast of time. One of my images I had deleted from my WordPress Image Library, was still being l
My ongoing saga with Google not ranking my posts is on going. With Bing and Yahoo, it isn't a problem. I can't hit page of those two search engines without any difficulty. But, Google? Sheesh!I've been told there is nothing much wrong with my content. So, I ran an audit of my site, which revealed some critical errors. I thought you might like to make a note:Pretty LinksI had 18 critical 307 (Temporary) redirects, that the audit recommend should be 301 (Permanent) redirects, with NoFollow!The au
It Enter your own correction... and I am still writing. I have written my latest article for my SAC website and requested comments, via Site Comments. I will post that Link into the SAC comments later, for discussion and any further comments.Today was a surprise for me as I finally made it to Ambassador. Added pressure to perform. Do I need that, probably. Will I remain an Ambassador. I would like to say yes, but writing and working my website is a balancing act between home-life and work-life.
Don't you just love June? I do! I switched over from my iMac Safari to Chrome browser to use one of the Chrome tools that I am familiar with, to inspect my website. After a few moments I noticed that my PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) have changed. My site now has a DA of 4 and my home page has a PA of 5. Boom! This took around six months as a new website languishing with a PA/DA of 1.June is starting to look quite sunny!To put this into perspective. I have a long way to go to mat
Wealthy Affiliate is a goldmine of ideas to blog about!Today, another WA member mentioned in conversation that their laptop was slow, and buying a new one at the moment was out of the question.It just so happened that a colleague of mine, who's speciality is hardware infrastructure, was asked to 'fix' the bosses laptop for the same reason. She was going to purchase a new laptop, but my colleague said there is no need, as the computer was a high-end one but just needed supercharging.Install More
I was chatting to another Wealthy Affiliate member on Chat last night, and the topic came up, how to remember to ask Kyle the next time she sees him on Chat. An idea came to mind, as to how to not forget the question she wanted to ask, and be ready when the moment arises to ask the question. My suggestion was to write down the question while it was still fresh on her mind, and then copy-and-paste into Chat.I suggest using a sticky note, either a real one or a digital one. I use the Stickies app
You might think that blogging here at Wealthy Affiliate is a waste of time. You might think that it is not essential. You might think blogging is egotistical and all a bit showy.I view blogging at Wealthy Affiliate is very important. And, I blog with intent.Blogging at Wealthy Affiliate is Very ImportantBlogging regularly will create a Habit. A habit is not a chore. If it is no longer a chore, you will do it anyway, even when you don't feel like it!With the right mindset, blogging can be fun. W