Never Give Up

Last Update: March 16, 2019

Have you ever felt, "What's the point", "Why am I doing this" or "It's too hard"?

Well, you're not alone. Almost everyone goes through this stage at some point when learning something new. The people who do succeed are the one's who don't give up.

During the last few winter months, I have gone through stress and dispair with my "Day Job". The weather has been cold, wet and windy, in what seems like forever! Just last week I have battled through a chest cold, and breathing is still difficult.

But, Spring is in the air and the days are lengthening. I have reason to be optimistic, and I am looking forward to warmer times ahead.

I encourage everything to stick to the plan and keep working through the Wealthy Affiliate training. What once was difficult and confusing, does become clearer, and easier to understand.

The people behind Wealthy Affiliate have posted an excellent article in their Online Entrepreneur Training, on how to earn money online: >> <<

This is what we all want isn't it? It is why we are here.

If you are struggling to earn money online then go back and do the course again. If you haven't taken the course then I recommend that you do. It is a very simple, step-by-step plan.

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FKelso Premium
Thanks for your post. Yes, we all get to that point occasionally of wondering why we are here. Just work through that, and keep going.
BorisRoman Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing!

Wish you great success!

kevin928 Premium
Hi Paul, I hope your getting better and your plans are still in place. You were the first, or one of the first people I spoke to on here and having spent much time in SE Asia I felt some empathy with you plans.

We all go though the ups and downs, its about keep moving forward. I am naturally impatient if I have things to do and just want to get them done but this process just doesnt work that way and there is so much to learn.

Have a great weekend

PaulREvans57 Premium
Hi Kev,

I’m envious of your life in the Canaries. The weather here this winter has been mainly wet and windy. I’m getting older now, and I long for the warmth of Thailand.

I agree, everything we need to succeed is here in WA. We just have to keep chipping away! The greatest joy is just beyond the greatest pain.

All the best,
kevin928 Premium
Keep in touch Paul. My life here is nice but its hand to mouth. I teach English 12 hours a week (which i dont really enjoy, the kids are a nightmare!!) and have a tiny 2 up 2 down in the Fareham in the south of England that I rent.

With the rent and the teaching I can survive, but of course llfe should be more than survival. Most important thing is you have a plan.

Keep plugging away and soon you will be in the warm weather and it will all be worthwhile

All the best

PaulREvans57 Premium
Ah! Are you on holiday in Gran Canaria?

I know Fareham well. I was born in Gosport. Schooled in Hayling Island, and my twenties spent in Pompey.

It's a small world :)
kevin928 Premium
No I live here now Paul, just over 2 years in a little village called Agaete but only 20 miles from Las Palmas the capital.

My sister lives in Gosport, to be honest I've never lived in the area but when I split up from the wife I only had a bit of money and wanted to but a property. As my sister is (or was) an estate agent it made sense to buy in Fareham, as it was one of the few places I could afford and the rent isnt to bad.

I'm from about 40 miles up the road, Farnham, then i moved to London in the 1980's and my sister moved to Gosport in the 90's

But your right small world, I remember being in Chang Mai in the early 90's only to walk in to a bar and meet a mate I used to go to school with!
PaulREvans57 Premium
Lol! That's the way it is. I've yet to visit Chang Mai. It's on my bucket list.
MElumir Premium
Being positive is a quality character of a successful person. Keep positive and do your task even to the point of hopeless situation. The only person who can motivate you is yourself and the guys at WA. So never give up. Stay connected.
MsMela Premium
I wish you a speedy recovery Paul :)