Love Is All You Need

Last Update: April 26, 2019

What do you need to start a business? Well, since I started with Wealthy Affiliate, the one thing I found that has helped me the most in building my business online is the friendship and support! The is always someone to chat to in the community "Live Chat". This is an essential tool in the Wealthy Affiliate arsenal.

Community Spirit

The help and support that has come my way has been invaluable. Without which I would have given up long ago. It's great that there are so many people with more marketing, SEO and WordPress skills than I have, and can be called upon to give friendly advice.

But with all that support, it still boils down to you taking action and putting in time to do some work. It is hard work, mainly because so much of it is learning new skills.

Sheer Grit And Sweat

Time and time again, you will be tested. Each time you feel, I can't do this, the community spirit that is all around rushes in and picks you up. There are so many skills that are called into play. Some of us have a few of those skills and others have more skills. Between us, we are collective very skilled.

It does take a lot of practice to become proficent. But, that prociency will come. Everything will fall into place.

You will have a skill set that will take you forward for many years to come.

We All Know Something

We all know something, No-one knows eveything. Every successful person started with nothing, not knowing how to proceed. Each small lesson learned leads to the next little step forward.

It is not long before you have reached your first mile, then 10 miles, one hundred miles! You can do it. Don't stop! Keep the momentum going. Keep moving forward!

Knowledge Is Power

With the accumulated knowledge we have the power to take action. Unfortunately, it is at this point that many people (and I include myself here) give up. It's too hard. I can't do it! In my experience, it is rarely too hard and you can do it!

Fear Of The Unknown

This is one area that scares many people. Dark places are scary. But, they needn't be. With the online community that is Wealthy Affiliate, you are never alone. Do ask for help.

Even if your fellow members are not directly able to help, they will know someone that can help, or they will know where to find the link for the appropriate WA Training or blog post that explains it all.

Fear of Failure

This has been the one thing that I look back on my forty year working life and think "There was no reason at all to be afraid!" My inaction was rooted in a fear that did not exist!

It took me too many years to realise the foolishness of this fear! Failure in itself, is not to be feared. Failing is simply a method whereby we learn that something didn't work, and to try again using a different approach.

Repeat enough times and the doors to success will surely open for you!

Joie De Vivre

This phrase says so little yet conveys so much. The English translation does not do it justice. Is this why Joie De Vivre is so universal. It must be in the French psyche. I think we could all do with a little more joie de vivre!

To wrap things up, remember this: Enjoy life, be friends, never stop learning, and have fun!

Be Happy!
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jillxyz Premium
Our Community is MY ROCK! Thank you all. Cheers AJ
FKelso Premium
Yep, this place tests you all right, and I have been pulled up by encouragement from the community many times. It's all good.
Linda103 Premium
I agree with all of that. Great post, thank you.
Tmgreen Premium Plus
Very nice post Paul. You are so right. Having been a previous member of WA a decade ago I can truly say that WA has evolved 1000 fold and the community here is just awesome! Many thanks to Kyle and Carson and all of those who make this such a great place!

NewLaurie Premium
Super blog post, Paul ... motivating and useful!