Facebook Likes Wealthy Affiliate Adverts

Last Update: April 25, 2019

It seemed like an innocuous advert, starting a business is not hard. I used my Wealthy Affiliate link directly from my Facebook ad image to one of Kyle's training videos.

The advert was running well, and I was getting traffic to Wealthy Affiliate. As I have shown on the screenshot, the activity on FaceBook was good. For $15 dollars, I got 106 clicks and 5 shares. The cost per click (CPC) was 15c.

Facebook Disapproved my Ad

Eight days into my ten day campaign, Facebook disapproved my ad. After my initial surprise and dismay, I decided I may as well appeal and request a review. As You can see, I was quite calm and pointed out that Wealthy Affiliate was neither an MLM nor a get-rich-quick scheme.

I really thought this was a waste of time and that Facebook had made their decision and there would be no going back. Later that day I received an email from Facebook. Low and behold, Facebook had reversed their previous decision and my ad had been approved and it continued to run its course.

Facebook Approves my Ad

My disappointment turned to joy! I was not expecting this to go well. So, I sat down and gave this some thought. I had been running ads in different ways.

This was the first time I had included a direct link to Wealthy Affiliate using my Wealthy Affiliate ID. All previous ads, I used Pretty Links to create a link to my website, which redirected the click to Wealthy Affiliate, or I linked to a post on my website.

It could have been that someone simply reported the ad, very easy to do with just a couple of clicks, and that my ad disapproval was automatic until I appealed.

My takeaway from this is don't include an affiliate link in Facebook ads! Affiliate Marketing ads are OK, but in future I will link to Wealthy Affiliate via my website, either to a post or via Pretty Links.

PS: The final tally for this Facebook Ad:
Impressions: 4,728
Reach: 2,274
Unique Clicks
: 116
Post Likes:
Post Shares:
: $0.16

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AlanJE Premium Plus
Thanks for sharing. Facebook can be tricky to fathom out Alan
Pastordna Premium
Great share!
yangetmaij Premium
Great job and thanks for sharing. I am not there, yet, but I am sure I will be barking up your tree once help is needed. Thanks and God Bless.
SnazzyIT Premium
Thanks for this info. That helps those of us who has got the boot to do what you did.
sukumarth Premium
Thanks for the reminder! Did you use any link (that directed to your post) on the ad copy or just in the call-to-action button (Learn More, for instance)? If you did not use any links in the copy but only in the CTA button, did you use the post URL directly?
PaulREvans57 Premium
The CTA button and the image is all-in-one. I have not control over that. The visitor clicks the image or the Learn More button (which is optional) both use the same URL link.

The link I used was my unique affiliate link directly back to Kyle’s Wealthy Affiliate Training.

As I said in my post above, I won’t be doing that again! 😊

In future Pretty Links via my website redirecting back to WA, or links to a post on my website.