Editing On The Go

Last Update: June 14, 2019

We all have busy lives, so is it possible to be editing on the go?

If we can edit while we get on with our hectic lives, how easy is it to do? Is it practicable?

Editing on The Go; Possible?

With the right apps, yes, it is! I am using the Safari browser, but Google Chrome works just as well. I frequently switch between the two. For the moment, I am typing directly into the WA Blog via my browser, and using my fat-fingers on a tiny keyboard isn’t too frustrating. I am getting the job done!

How Easy is it to Use?

Apart from the usual fat-finger-syndrome, it is very easy, and my iPhone is always on hand! I own a Bluetooth keyboard, so I will make more use of that going forward. I don’t have a keyboard with me just now, so fat-fingers rule!

Is it Practicable?

Very much so. Having a mobile device with an internet connection, and always by my side, enables me to grab a quick ten minutes and type another hundred words or so.

What did surprise me was how well the Canva app worked on the iPhone. I can honestly say, it was easier to use than the desktop, browser.


This whole post, from start to finish, including the header image, using the Canva app, has been created 100% on my iPhone, during the day. The odd ten minutes here, and the odd ten minutes there. There is no reason why I can’t apply the same principals to SiteContent.

My next step now is to investigate the possible dictation options. How quickly can I make dictation work for me. In the meantime I happy with blogging on the go!

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FKelso Premium
Your learning helps us all to know what works.
firstlearn Premium
Good for you Paul.

RAFStuart Premium
A very interesting post.
EHR Premium
Hmm, I also have a blueberry keyboard. Me thinks I must try it. Good advice! Gene
Shellback Premium
Good advice! I am using a smartphone exclusively...I hadn't looked into using an app....thanks for sharing!
PaulREvans57 Premium
The Canva IOS app is worth getting! I have no experience of the Canva Android app.
Shellback Premium
I will look into it. Thank you