Monthly Commission at Wealthy Affiliate Increased to Three Figures.

Last Update: September 29, 2019

I joined wealthy affiliate and became premium on 13 Oct 2018.

Today, which is two more weeks away for me to turn one at WA and I am blessed to announce that I have reached a milestone with my Wealthy Affiliate monthly commissions of making three figure income.

This is my third commission from Wealthy Affiliate. I look forward to learn more and put more effort to promote wealthty affilate to further increase my WA monthly commission in the months and years to come.

I haven't put much effort into other affiliate products, which I will focus on in my second year at WA.

I am a newbie and I started here at WA without any prior skills and knowledge in the online affiliate marketing space.

The evidence me making money here at WA should encourage you beginners out there that the training here at wealthy affiliate works.

If I had focused more on wealthy affiliate, I would have far better than this. Due to my ministry commitments, I took working at WA as part time and after hour sort of thing. I can tell you that I have learned alot about online marketing and there are so much more I am yet to discover and learn about. I'm excited about to meet future that lies ahead of me here at wealthy affiliate.

If you want to make Wealthy Affiliate your fulltime job and decide to commit to it. It is absolutley possible beyond doubts that within a year or could be less, you can make four figures and more monthly commissions.

If you are undecided and still using WA starter member account. Take the challenge and go premium. Premium member at WA will uncover treassures within WA. Know that business is about taking RISK. If you are unable to take the risk at the first place, the progress will be very low or no progress.

For me to decide to go premium was a real challenge and a great risk I had to take. I had carefully caculated the costs before making my decision. My purpose of going premium was to learn, just like you pay fees anywhere else online or institution for a year to get the desired education to pursue your career. I always wanted to learn about online marketing and creating website and that is where my interest was.

So, I jumped in to become a yearly premium member without know what the future holds for me here at WA.

Amazing training here at WA! I can make money online from different sources without much difficulties.

The good thing about wealthy Affiliate is that, when you follow throuhg the step by step training and accomplish all the tasks and take immediate actions throughout the training program, you can make really good amount of money exceeding beyond your yearly premium membership fees.

In my case, the first two commissions covered the total cost of my yearly premium. In other words, the education I get at wealthy affiliate is COST FREE.

Today, I am glad to report my success story and encourage aspiring future entrepreneurs who just getting started here at wealthy affiliate. If you have doubts hanging all over your head, think it all over again and tell your self that you can make it happen too.

If you are at the verge of giving up let me tell you that I felt the same as a beginner and I am still a beginner. I can not write better English, I cannot create a very attractive website, I am struggling to get traffic to my websites, but yet I can still make commission to cover up for my yearly premium. If I can make it happen here at WA, then I believe you can do much more better.

Revisit WA again, there are nuggets everywhere throughout the training where you can grab for yourself.

I wish you all the very best in you training and accomplishments.

God bless you all.


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ExpatMark Premium
Congratulations Paul.
PaulMondo Premium
Thanks Mark.


firstlearn Premium
Well done Paul.

PaulMondo Premium
Thanks Derek.


PaulMondo Premium
Thank Garry. If you catch the right people who are looking for such platform, it won't take a week for them to go premium. This really comes down to the keywords that each of us are researching and writing.
GarryBrown Premium
Good luck to you, I can't get 1 to go premium. In fact, out of the 30+ people I have got to join WA only 4 finished setting up their account.
j52powell Premium
It's great to see you are starting to get results that are heartening. Congratulations and continued success.

PaulMondo Premium
Hi Joe.

Thanks. Yeah, it is encouraging me to continue.

Good luck to you.