Identified first spam comment on one of my post today.

Last Update: March 14, 2019


I received email notification around mid day today notifying me to check and moderate a new comment on one of my posts. Excitingly I logged in to my website and was kind of amazed by the lengthy comment. The author was Alisha Ross. Under her name was a website linked to dark porn net. I kinda smiled and told her that you hanging around and throwing your words to a wrong person at a wrong place. Spammers have no place on my website.

I copied and pasted here the comment if you are interested to read on.

Being younger is no help with these. A few years ago I was researching for an op ed piece regarding the truth behind online dating. I registered at over 50 sites and used various ages in profiles. Paid & free sites were used and it ranged from ChristianDate to f-book. At match I actually broke a site record for my profile picture for number of views in a day & number of total likes. Out of that, a very few conversations and a couple of dates.

It went downhill from there and I had one hell of a fight with okc and later did a very popular review of on sitejabber. The article did not get published for pay as it involved to much scandalous insider info & I would have been sued blind. SO……I uploaded it as volunteered on the AP wire and it got carried by several publications.

This industry is NOT a social one. Legally these are ALL registered for license and tax purposes as ENTERTAINMENT. There is no implied obligation by them for anything aside from your entertainment. This is why the most sophisticated AI in the world is used on these and many governments have provided funding for this to be a AI test bed. This is why chat bots now run it all and it will get even more complex soon enough.

I actually do not recommend ANY online dating site or app outside of just mulling for fun.



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NeilBrown Premium
The internet can be a very good tool, if we could just get all the trash off of it.
Babou3 Premium
It's true that on the internet there is a lot of
dishonesty, we have to know how to sort it out.

Have a nice day!
PaulMondo Premium
Very true Ingrid. That was a first one identified so far.