6 Months Ago Today.

Last Update: April 14, 2019

Time flies. Here I am six months ago today. I was supprised today 14/04/2019, to receive a 6 months dedication badge. These previous six months were great learning period for me. It was very challenging period, trying to make time for WA with my ministry and teaching schedules. Atleast I didn't give up but I pursued and determined to learn as much as possible here at WA.

First year at wealthy affiliate I commit to learning and promoting Wealthy Affiliate with my first website. Some people can say that the last thing you can do is to promote wealthy affiliate, but for me as a newbie in the industry, I have decided to promote WA as part of my learning processes.

Accomplishment over the last six months.

  1. Created 2 dot com Websites. One for my affiliate learning and marketing and the second one for my ministry purposes.
  2. Completed Training Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and working toward completing level 5. I consider each level of training important as a begginner and I took time to research more into tasks within each level of training before moving to the next level.
  3. I have developed some better understanding about affiliate program, google adword, google adsense, and google analytics.
  4. I can able to transfer all the files from one website to another website.
  5. I can create website and create a very basic landing page.
  6. I can write niche focused keyword rich article that can be indexed by google within a day.
  7. I am able to find very targeted niches and low competitive keywords.
  8. I am ranked 245 at WA, have 9 posts, have 1.2K followers, and created 2 tutorial trainings.

There are so many things that I learn here at Wealthy Affiliate and above are some of them I higlighted. I would have been lost and confused if asked me 6 months ago today to build and publish a niche website. If you ask me to do it now, I would get it done withim few weeks time and make you smile.

Did I Make Any Money? YES!

I'm greateful that I've learned and dicovered many ways to earn money with the training provided here at WA looking back myself 6 months ago today.

  1. I made $150 in my fist six months here within WA Community, while taking actions of what I was learning. My earning mostly comes from my refferals. Today, I have 408 starter referrals and 2 premium refferals. I am aiming to reach 1000 referrals by end of this year.
  2. There are so much opportunity to make money outside the walls of WA, which I will tap into at the end of this year. Like I said earlier, this year I fully commit to learning and promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

My Goals for the next 6 Months

  1. 1000 Referals
  2. Double the amount earned over the first six months.
  3. 2K Followers
  4. 10 WA Tutorials
  5. Start a brand new Nichewebsite to begin my affiliate business outside the walls of WA.

My Encouragement to All the Newbies.

  1. Try and master the skill taught within each level of training program.
  2. Go through the training and take immediate actions.
  3. Ask questions and reach out for help if you are not sure of anything within the training.
  4. Learn and establish set yourself up well first. Earning Money should be the least of the focus of your training and accomplishments here at WA.

Happy and Successful Learning and Accomplishment. Cheers!


Turning 6 Months Older Here at Wealthy Affiliate Today.

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    NeilBrown Premium
    Incredibly awesome job, congratulations.
    Sruffey Premium
    Great going to be here only six months. I have to get my nose to grindstone, because I am just about half way through the training. The training and support is the best I seen in my nine years Of looking for something like WA. Keep up the good work and always remember don't ever give up and never surrender. Please like my comments, thanks Sruffey.
    Babou3 Premium
    Really great results!
    I wish you the best for your next steps.

    Have a great day!
    Llongobardi Premium
    sounds good! i am only 1 month affiliate but i like programm and training...so i'm hopefull...
    Edplomos Premium
    Wow...thats a RESULT!