80,000 Euros!

Last Update: Dec 7, 2016


HI Guys and Gals

Yesterday I was in touch with and old friend who was tell me about his friends wife.

Two years ago she saw what her husband was doing with selling wheelchair parts on his website and that it worked and so she decided to start her website and sell Pyjamas that she made -

She bought the material in a small town in Poland and she built her site and sold two pairs in 11 months and her husband was sort of saying well you have to wait like I did as it will work.

A week went by and another pair was sold to a person in Italy and she was just about to quit when she had an order for 6 pairs again from italy - so her total sales for the first year were 9 pairs and the cost was 90 Euros.

She said no I will keep this going as I know the second year can only be better and to cuts a long story short she has just finished her second year and her sales were - yes you are right 80,000 Euros!!!!

I was really happy to hear this and my friend was very excited when he was telling me the story and I know that this is always the way things happen.

What I am saying is NEVER give up on your dream!!!!

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Thanks for sharing this success online business story Paul. never quit, keep on the good work!


That is inspirational!

Yes certainly is!!!

thanks Paul. that's truly an inspiration!

Happy to share

Inspirational! My best wishes!

Than you so much

Awesome again
Inspiration story
Thks again Paul

Hi Phil and happy to share

That's motivating, Paul!

Really works eh?

Another example of dedication! Great post! Thanks for sharing!

Yes yes am happy for my friends wife!!!

Very inspirational story! Thanks for sharing, Paul!

It was my pleasure

Great Story Paul .. Cheers, William

Thanks buddy

Inspiring post... Thanks, Paul. Happy for your friends...:)

Yes really wonderful to hear !

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