Current Balance at Commission Junction now surpasses €1000!

Last Update: June 01, 2019

Just a quick note to say that I am absolutely thrilled at seeing my current balance at Commission junction surpass €1k – it took over 2 years to get to a balance this high but finally it happened (usually it would be less than 500 balance each month)

Many thanks to all the people here in WA especially Kyle and Carson for developing and offering a platform such as this to build and host our websites and give us all the tools we need to develop our online businesses.

I still only do this on a part time basis and I don’t do any email lists or videos or outsourcing and very limited social media (10 mins per month I would say) – but once you get to understand the basics of how this all works, then it becomes so much easier at building various niche websites quickly and easily and getting targeted traffic that converts into sales.

My Amazon, Lnkshare and AWIN balances are way behind Commission junction but they are also great to have there in the background as well.

I’m not here to boast – just to share some positive results that can hopefully motivate you in some small way to continue working on your own sites

All the very best to you – any questions, let me know in the comment section below


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ExpatMark Premium
Great job! I like CJ and JvZoo the best. Amazon just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Continued success my friend.

Paul1916 Premium
Many thanks Mark and the same to you!
suzzziq Premium
Way to go, Paul! So happy for you:)
Paul1916 Premium
Many thanks - much appreciated. Hope all is well with you and you own online activities
suzzziq Premium
Thank you, Paul:) I’m with CJ, also:). We must, apparently, be promoting two totally different things! Best wishes:)
midhunvm Premium
Even if it is part-time you are building a nice
income on the side, Paul.

The different income sources really add up :)

How old is your site and how many articles
you have on it now?

Have you build the site using OEC training or

Do you buy the products to write the review or
the reviews just based on research?

How many of your articles are review/info?

Do you jaaxy or any other keyword tool?

Finally, have you done link building or got
backlinks manually to your site?

Thank you, Paul
Paul1916 Premium
Yes, its a nice side earner now as I work full time elsewhere, here are my answers to your questions...

- I have several sites (over 5) and most of them are all from last year (bought another domain 2 weeks ago which I hope gives results in 3 months time)
- Each site has a different number depending on the amount of time I have available - some have 30, some have 50, some have over 100
- All OEC training (haven't looked at Bootcamp yet)
- All reviews are based on research (and some from personal experience and interests in the niche)
- 5% are general info - the rest are reviews
- Yes I use the standard Jaxxy tool - the basic one works fine for my needs
- I don't bother with any back-links, if the content is good enough then the posts review quite well as it is in my opinion without them

Hope these answers help in some way and best of luck to you
midhunvm Premium
Wow! thank you so much Paul
for your reply.

I truly believe that your detailed
reply to all the questions will surely
help every WA member, especially

Your results are truly inspiring.

Running multiple websites while
doing full-time work requires lots
of discipline and consistency.

Do keep us updated will all your
progress and I wish you all success.
JaneMahlehle Premium
Paul1916 Premium
Many thanks!
JaneMahlehle Premium
You’re welcome 😊
Nadia27 Premium
Congrats Paul! And thanks for inspiring us
Paul1916 Premium
No problem and best of luck to you also