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August 09, 2013
Hi. I'm a relative noob here, having joined just over two weeks ago, but already I've seen the benefits of the training articles provided by the members here. I've already looked a number of screencasts and other resources, and I've been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and levels of skill exhibited by "ordinary" members here - outstanding. Because I've gained so much so quickly I wanted to get stuck in with one or two things I DO know about, in this case writing for the web and WordPress websites
Just a heads up for the fans of the ubiquitous Empower Network. One of the two friends I've mentioned in the past is having greater troubles due to her EN membership. It seems that ENv2, the newest incarnation of the EN scam, has launched its own video channel. She sees this as a massive positive, whereas it is, in fact, a necessary reaction by the two Davids to the fact that YouTube is toughening its stance on spammy rubbish. The trouble is, she's videod up to the eyeballs with nowhere to put
Although a bit of a bandwagon at the moment Empower Network seems to be sucking up people I know (albeit remotely) at a horrendous rate. Another bandwagon seems to be critiquing EN for traffic, so having no shame I've done the same. Please look at the page here: and hit me with some serious criticism. I'd like to be getting this right. Many thanks Paul
July 30, 2013
Time, methinks, for a blog. Some of us are here because we are convinced that making money online is a quick, relatively easy way of making money whilst watching Bargain Hunt on the TV. Some of us are here to try to bail out of a sudden unexpected redundancy or a career choice terminated "with ultimate prejudice". Finally, some of us are here because we recognise that the future is online and we want to remain current, relevant and successful, growing with the new shopping model which the world