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Another heads-up. The grammar course has been extended by another four lessons. I think I've exhausted all requests so far, so either add something here or I'll move to some of the most prevalent punctuation mistakes tomorrow. You've been warned.
September 06, 2013
Just a head's up: Paul's Grammar Corner has just been extended by another 4 pages, and will be extended again on Monday. Don't forget to keep adding those requests; you've been brilliant so far.
September 04, 2013
I've read a good number of posts extolling the virtues of WA, and I've reserved full judgement until I've had a good old furkle, which is a West Country word for rummage, which in turn means an unsystematic and untidy search. Since coming here I've been amazed by the amount and quality of the contributions, whether from our two illustrious leaders [salutes] or by the members themselves. Thanks also to RICH, a worthy Goebbels to Kyle and Carson's Adolph and Eva. I've also been dumbstruck by the
I've just designed and built my 3rd site here, selling Christian books. What you see is half a day's work, but I'd be grateful for any comments about usability before I get too far with stocking the site. Is the presentation and structure OK? what can I improve? Help!
August 21, 2013
Encouraging news... second article slips neatly into place over at Street Articles without a murmur. The hold up on my first article was me being dumb, so with a jink* and a swerve I avoided dumbness this time and did it properly. This one is about why I don't have a full time job. If you think you're unemployable like me, go and agree -- and leave a comment. if you disagree, get on with your work. Somebody is watching y
I am a happy bunny. On the second attempt my first business article has been published. Hah! Success. This time tomorrow I should be a millionaire. OK, maybe not. But it's nice to see it on the Street Articles site. My first attempt was held up because the article links came to my commercial writing site rather than a "buffer" page. My bad, lesson learned. If anyone would be kind enough to cast an eye over it and possibly leave a comment then that would be great. I'll happily do likewise for yo
But then again, it was never designed to. At the end of September last my first grandchild was born, Caleb. I didn't know what it would feel like and was scared to be honest. It was love at first sight of course. My first article over at Street Articles gives you my thoughts...
August 13, 2013
I've changed my WA affiliate website from "website style" to "blog style", but I wanted the front page, now a blog roll, to have a static first post by way of introduction. To do this you have to write a post to use as an intro and save it. Next, go to your dashboard, go to "all posts" and you'll see a list of all your posts. Identify the post you want to stay at the top of the front page and click "Quick edit" under the post name. You'll need to hover over the post name for the option to appe
August 13, 2013
If I'm bored I'll often go and write something. Anything. Sometimes it pays off. Sometime in 2008 I must have been really bored, and I wrote some short (very short) stories. If you too get bored and fancy a read, then this one might be a good start. So click the link to while away a few moments if you fancy it. And this is a piece I wrote when Caleb, my grandson, was born last September. I'm not Hemingway, as you shall see.
August 12, 2013
Article to Street articles that is. I posted it at about 17.20 GMT on today, 12th August. One small glitch, in that it was 629 words long and it only allowed me 2 links as opposed to the published guideline 3, but hey-ho. I'll keep you informed...