Empower Network August Update

Last Update: Aug 7, 2013


Just a heads up for the fans of the ubiquitous Empower Network. One of the two friends I've mentioned in the past is having greater troubles due to her EN membership. It seems that ENv2, the newest incarnation of the EN scam, has launched its own video channel. She sees this as a massive positive, whereas it is, in fact, a necessary reaction by the two Davids to the fact that YouTube is toughening its stance on spammy rubbish. The trouble is, she's videod up to the eyeballs with nowhere to put them until the EN video channel is fully up and running. They've probably done her a favour because her videos are bordering on illegal, containing boasts like "I upgraded from the $25 membership to the $100 membership". No love, you didn't; you upgraded from the $25 membership to the $25 + $100 membership. That's $25 more than you're misleadingly telling everyone. Shame on you.

Never mind, she still has FaceBook to fall back on. Oh, wait, FaceBook seems to have banned her for 14 days from sending spam, I mean friend requests, because she sends them out in batches.

Fortunately she still has the testicular fortitude to carry on trying to flog the concept to all of her soon to be ex-friends, including a good mate of mine whom I'm about to phone... now!

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Well I have admittedly been smacked with the EN Mallet. I spent $625 and got some decent value but only out of that $500 upgrade. The training seemed as if it was directed at the people that was actually there, not the people looking at the webinar :/. What turned me off is that of course you're constantly pushed to buy buy BUY BUY BUY BUY. Then someone counters it with "Well what am I buying?" They're like "Um...uh....well..you see...ergh......uhhhmmm......Blogging Platform?....Uh.....Inspiration!!". It's not very clear at all. The only way to be in touch with the community is to be literally at the events. I'm sorry but not everyone can spend over $500 and fly all the way over there on a whim just to be told what you can search on google....

I just Cancelled my membership when will I learn? :(

For the record, I hate EN as much as the next guy.. But I don't understand why people here waste so much of their time talking about it. Chat, blogs, you name it. Can't step in one day and not have to read about it.

Yet here you are talking about it ;-) Infectious innit?

I suppose it is :)

It's just odd because there are a lot of scams in this world, online and offline, yet that one really strikes a nerve for the folks here at WA.

Hey Josh, How do you define a waste of time? I think the majority of people that talk about it here and their blogs is to drive people here to join WA . They can learn a better way to make money from the web. A well written, planned blog post on WA can show up on page 1 of G Search very quickly. The author gets credit for generating the traffic unit and will get the referral if they person signs up. I know some of my posts have been written to generate sign-ups. This action has been been working for me ;-)

Hey Josh. I think it's good to get some lessons from other people's experience. A lot of people don't know about scams and we don't want them to fall into the money pits. So, a public service like this will help save others their valued, hard-earned money in search for a legitimate online business. This serves as a review and an informative exchange of experiences to confirm that EN is indeed a scam. I for one read a lot so that I will not be innocent and ignorant of what's going on around the internet because this is a scary world for me as I don't know most of the people I deal with. Anyway, just my thoughts.

Well at least it's warning people

I get all your points, and I DO hate EN. Just seems like beating a dead horse. Crucify me if you'd like.

EN is not dead...it's so well alive and kicking, coming out in different forms looking around whom to deceive and devour. We have to be vigilant and keep warning others about it even if we have to say it over and over again.

I hear you Josh, but I was led here from researching on EN and I would not have figured out other things as well. The red flag of the continual upsell, even though it is a common technique in this case was very tough. Lots of fluff is what I found inside and no meat. :) I am glad I was only in for $25.

Hey Josh. There's naturally a lot of interest in EN especially from the hundreds of Members doing Bootcamp at any one time http://d.pr/i/t2Ik as Kyle's example site review often outranks EN's actual site. We obviously get "refugees" and even "defenders" arrive here every day, so there's naturally a number of old-hands and newcomers who've been scammed either by EN or by other promises of golden geese that turned out to be rancid turkeys and who want to share their experiences or warn others. I know two people here in the UK, one lost over $30k and a mate-of-a-mate killed himself after losing his family home to a spread betting scam. EN doesn't just cost people money, often they're encouraged to rope in family, friends and even work colleagues who also subsequently lose money, destroying those relationships. EN can do a lot more damage than just emptying someone's wallet. Rich.

Hey, thanks for letting us know. I would love to be kept updated and i had heard about something new coming up and now I know what it is.

And I love how you point out about upgrading to the $100 membership. She makes it sound like you just pay $100 and not $125 which is in fact the real amount. I always thought the same thing when people would promote it for $25. No, it's not $25 a month, its $45. Now they aren't lying but they are telling the whole truth and that's the problem. Glad you shared!!!!

Thanks Paul, great information!! I was once in EN and hated it because I couldn't get any training at all and every time I contacted my sponsor he just sent me other emails telling me that if I wanted to learn then I would have to upgrade and upgrade and upgrade. The only learning I could get was them talking about their company and saying if you are not upgrading then you are a wussy. That made me a bit mad so I went to another company but it was too expensive so I stayed a while and the only learning I could get was about their site. I was sick of everyone trying to get into my wallet and that is when I found this site and told that other site goodbye. I am very happy with this site and plan on being here for years to come.

Somebody said to me that I could find everything here on WA for free elsewhere if I looked. That may be the case, but as I intend being dead before I reach 110 I may never find it. This place fits nicely in my "what's not to like" category. Besides, I'm sure I wouldn't find the community spirit elsewhere and a LOT of the stuff you find as a Premium member really isn't that easy to find "outside" at all.

It's the spirit that keeps us together! yeah! It's all here @ Wealthy Affiliate.

Like you I was told to upgrade or be a wussy. I to was thinking of getting out when I found WA. Thank you Paul for the assurance that EN may not be the best place to be now I feel much better about my decision to abort from EN. Also thanks to Josh and others with comments on EN. to our success, Victor

Paul, thanks for the update. I guess SCAMS are everywhere...

Gosh, it is so difficult for a newbie like me to discern what EN is up to . They got a good write up and I almost joined them, had them on my to do list, then I found WA, joined as a free member and liked the way their teaching is so structured. I need teaching as I am completely new to IM and will take whatever I can get, provided its legal and ethical.

Hey Christine,

My advice as someone who has been down the MLM path is to stay away from any of them. I hear EN is especially aggressive in their tactics. You have everything you need to make successful business here at WA provided you are willing to put in the work. My suggestion before you buy any other program is to shoot us a blog post and let people tell you the reasons not to join. Remember, every dollar spent on some useless shiny object is a dollar less that you can use to promote your legitimate WA business.

Best Regards,

yes, I know and I am glad I did not join them, I am with WA for my 4th week and upgraded to premium quickly. I appreciate every bit of training I am getting here, don't misunderstand my comment. I appreciate your advice to get reviews and comments from WA members.

If it wasn't so tragic it'd be hilarious. I always love their press release headlines, ie. "Empower Network Sponsors 100,000 Homes" sounds fab, huh? http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/empower-network-sponsors-100000-homes-217812931.html Except 100,000 Homes is the name of the charity that they gave a measly $10k to out of their millions-and-millions of instant earnings that even a 12-year-old kid is apparently easily capable of making, unless of course he's a complete "wussy". I saw a clip the other week where a journalist from the Village Voice stated EN is "working" out of offices owned by Scientology in Florida, even though they're actually holed up in Costa Rica. You couldn't make it up, huh?! Rich.

Thankfully we don't have to make it up. All this writing material for FREE eh? It's almost a public service.


Oh Rich, your remarks crack me up at times. You know what's even funnier. Some day they might make a TV series out of all this. We'll probably be 20 years older and saying to the grandchildren "I remember them when..." Now that'd have to be a comedy drama :)

Doesn't sound like a friend to me if they are spamming and scamming.

It's a fine line a MLM person walks. No doubt. Thanks for the input on EN.

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