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June 04, 2018
What ever happened to trying on our own first?Sometimes I'll get a PM, questions in comments on various posts, or I am left with questions on my profile page. I don't mind getting messages at all, I welcome them. It's been like this since a few months after I joined over a year ago.The messages I am referring to come from members who are new or have been here for a year or longer. They have only completed the 1st or 2nd Certification course, or haven't started the courses yet.A few examples of
May 31, 2018
This post is to show my ongoing progress with Pinterest, how important it is to claim your website and taking the time to do the work properly. I get emails from Pinterest with reports, and this morning it was for my top 3 pins with 235 impressions in 7 days. This was for a WA banner and 2 of my niche DIY videos. I already claimed my website and get the results for my website articles. The first and second screenshots were in the email.Wikipedia definition for an impression:'An impression (in t
May 24, 2018
Last night I came across Loes' WP GDPR Compliance plugin training where she has an easy to follow tutorial for us.I had to share this with my network incase you haven't seen it.There is a widget for our sidebar allowing a visitor to check what data you have on them, and they can also request their data be removed. It looks similar to a signup form where you enter your email address.I'll leave you with the link: for creating this
May 20, 2018
Today is Sunday May 20th, 2018The DEADLINE for the GDPR is in 5 days.I am not a last minute type of person.Especially with something so big as this with the deadline just around the corner.We have known for weeks about this and are trying our best to get it together to be ready. Actually, I should say 'some of us' have known for weeks but many are just hearing about it now.I'm sure many around the world still won't have a clue even after the deadline has come and gone.There are many posts out t
May 19, 2018
There have been several WA posts on this topic that I have been following and implementing so I can have what is needed for the GDPR. I wanted to share with my network so we can all be aware.I collected all the information to make up my post today for everyone so it's in one place.GDPR stands for 'General Data Protection Regulation' and takes effect on May 25th.I'm not an expert on this or even close but wanted to share what I have done with the links I followed. Many are confused because there
May 18, 2018
Feeling Grateful!Love sharing encouraging posts like this :DOn April 3rd I received my first organic comment but didnt' realize it right away. I thought it was spam and almost deleted it, but checked further to find it wasn't and she followed me on Twitter! I'll leave the link for those who missed it :D few minutes ago I received an email to moderate a comment and it wasn't one that I left to get comments for. I went to check it ou
May 03, 2018
The first time I wrote a post about Pinterest was to show the new Analytics feature and how powerful it is. Below are my first results taken from the 1st week of April.Then I shared an update as you can see how much the numbers climbed and this one has the dates at the bottom, from the 2nd week of April.The next day when I checked, there was an update with a huge difference so I shared it the next day, you can see the dates show it was right after and, still within the 2nd week.Today I'm showin
May 03, 2018
I just received an email congratulating me for referring a new Jaaxy Trial member but I didn't get a WA member referral with it. The last 2 times I had a new referral I had this message as well. Unfortunately none of my referrals went past setting up a profile or having a new website badge up.Is it possible to get a Jaaxy referral separate this way? I thought we had to be a member at WA to have access to Jaaxy. This may be one of those 'dumb' questions but I was expecting to get another email w
May 02, 2018
I joined 13 months ago and became an Ambassador before my third month here at Wealthy Affiliate. I wasn't expecting to be one and never thought about it, I was new and busy working on my Certification lessons.As I worked on my website, along with asking for help in the forum below that specific lesson or using the 'search for help here' bar, I also wrote WA blog posts, and in turn they helped many members as well. Slowly my rank climbed and before I knew it I became an Ambassador.I didn't want
April 29, 2018
In my previous post for the upcoming WordPress Gutenberg 5.0 makeover, I had my two initial links with helpful information and will leave them here if you haven't seen them yet. I started to write about this back on March 16th. had the first 4 of Marion's tutorials with easy to follow step by step mini videos showing us what the new version looks like and how to use it.