Jay's Pinterest Training Was Off The Charts - Literally - Take A Look

Last Update: February 13, 2020

Hello Family,

I just thought I would stop by and give a big shout out to Jay and the Pinterest Training that he gave this past Friday.

I have watched it twice and have implemented some things that Jay covered in the training and my Pinterest stats are blowing up.

Here is a screenshot of my Pinterest impressions after implementing some strategies that Jay covered.

That Is over 4,000 impressions and my engaged audience has increased.

Here is the training in case you missed it:


Thanks Jay for all your insightful, helpful and easy-to-understand training. Keep up the good work it is much appreciated.

Pastor Dre

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don1rock Premium
Hey Pastor Dre,
Thanks for the reminder.
JeffreyBrown Premium
That's AWESOME, Pastor!
davehayes Premium
Excellent info thanks for sharing.

Out of interest what are you promoting on your blog.
drjec Premium
I missed it. Because of this post and I’m gonna go back and find it and watch. Thanks.
BruceStephen Premium
Hi Pastor Dre I missed the live training but thaks for the recommendation and review. I have been thinking about starting on Pinterest for a while and will look at Jay's training thanks to you.
Regards Bruce