Celebrating One Year Here At Wealthy Affiliate - Have I Learned Anything ?

Last Update: April 01, 2020

Celebrating One Year Here At Wealthy Affiliate - Have I Learned Anything?

Hello Family,

I trust you are well and keeping safe.

I just wanted to stop by and say thank you to Carson and Kyle, NinJay, and the WA Family for all the things I have learned in this year.

Honestly, before joining Wealthy Affiliate I had a bad taste of affiliate marketing. I had paid a big name company $99 a month and didn't see any results.

So when I had heard of Wealthy Affiliate I was a little weary, especially because of the name that has the word affiliate in it, but since they had the FREE Trial, I thought I would give it a shot and man am I glad I did.

I have learned so much about not only affiliate marketing, but SEO, Blog Content Writing, Google My Business. How To Rank Your Website, Keyword Research, and the list goes on and on and on.

I oversee the Google My business account of our Church and we have grown exponentially.

Here are some graphs showing the growth of our online presence, all this is made possible by me applying things that I have learned here at wealthy affiliate.

These figures are just in the last month:

81 Website visits - 8 Requesting Directions - 21 Calls - 3 Messages

People Viewing our Business Listing.

Over 12,000 photo views.

.Now the exciting this is our church reaches out to those that are bound by drug addiction and gangsterism. So our strong online presence has really helped us to reach more families and impact more lives.

Here are some messages we have received straight from our my business google chat of families that we have been able to help.

- Good day we looking for help for my brother with drug abuse. We want to know how someone can get into your rehab.

- Hey Good Morning... what time does service start this morning? plz

- Hi I am addicted to weed and I urgently need help it is destroying my life and my loved ones.. Please help me...

These are just a few of the actual messages that we have received from families that found us online because of our strong online presence.

So Wealthy Affiliate is not just for Affiliate Marketing, but we can apply the things we learn here to Online Business, Online Marketing, Yes Affiliate Marketing, but also as you can see in my case to build the online presence of your Ministry or Church.

This has come in handy, especially in the times we are living in, where people are confined to their houses and we can't have church in a building like we normally do. So a lot of churches and ministries are having service online and knowing how to properly promote your service online is a HUGE plus.

So thank you Carson for the amazing customer support and helping me figure out technical challenges.

Thank You Kyle for all the amazing tutorials that helped me to get started in online marketing and making it easy to understand.

Thank you NinJay for the awesome Live Events (Even though I Have To Watch At 2:00am My Time) they have help me all the way from beasting it on social media to doing Proper keyword research. Emphasis on proper. LOL.

Last but not least - Thank You to the WA Family for all the live chats, ideas, feedback on my websites and all the questions answered.

I look forward to another exciting year with you Family.

So in closing out my Blog on celebrating my 1 Year Membership here at Wealthy Affiliate.

All I can say is that "Wealthy Affiliate Works For Me."

Pastor Dre

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Makinitwork Premium
Thank you for sharing and Happy Anniversary!...Your statistics are impressive.Thank you Jen
PastorDre Premium
You are welcome and thank you for the shout out.
WealthyPilot Premium
Indeed, many of the lessons learned here at WA can also apply to non-profits as well. I have overseen a number of non-profit website development efforts, and many of the strategies for the development and promotion thereof, I can attribute to what I have learned here at WA.
PastorDre Premium
Thank you for the shout out.
anjumshahlla Premium
Happy Anniversary! I missed your posts.
Take care

Thank you and best wishes,
PastorDre Premium
Thank you and you are welcome. Thank you for the shout out.
anjumshahlla Premium
May I ask, what is your niche....
Joes946 Premium
Great post and great job Pastor
PastorDre Premium
Thank you and you are welcome
chrisvs Premium
Thanks for you post. Hope you guys are o.k. down in CT
PastorDre Premium
You are welcome. We are on lockdown, but it will get better.