Tipping 6-Figure Income (In Reply to Cassi)

Last Update: Jun 10, 2021

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Okay firstly, let’s get the elephant in the room out of the way.

Is this Partha’s new thing?

Rather than replying, is he just going to make his own blog posts?

Why has he written 2 blog posts in 3 days if he’s so concentrated on his business?

And of course, most important of all, Will the next royal baby be named “Princess Consuela Banana Hammock?”

Unfortunately, I have no idea about the last question, but I can answer the others in my own inimitable style.

So NO, this is not my new thing.

As many of you know, I like to keep things short and sweet.

“To the point Partha” as I’m affectionately known… BY NO-ONE.

However, every once in a while, just occasionally, not that often, I may have a lot to say (Philip & GI Joseph you are banned from commenting on this post, LOL).

So, I feel it would be wrong of me to steal someone else’s thunder if I’m going to waffle on for hours.

And as for the other, am I still working hard on my business?

Do you really need to ask?


Cassi has today written the following blog post:


It’s a blog post (without any sarcasm, contempt, or without any indication of being patronizing) that makes me so, so, so, so, so, so proud.

Underneath the harsh, opinionated, forthright, and occasionally potentially rude exterior lies an extremely soft interior.

I want nothing more than to help others and to see people succeed.

Unfortunately, I’m just not as nice a person as people like Shannon, Diane, Joe, Phil, Catherine, Nicole,… look the list could go on forever.

If I haven’t mentioned you, just know I still care.

So, if I’m ever hard on you, yet again, know it’s only because I care.

Sometimes I get blown away by the relationships you can make online.

I mean, come on, it’s not the real world, is it?

However, this big softie (well little softie in reality) often feels quite emotional about the relationships he builds online.

In Cassi (and don’t worry, many, many, many more of you here) I find a kindred spirit.

I’ve watched her journey from afar and from near.

I forgot to add to my list of “negatives” above that I’m also quite a judgemental individual.

So, initially I wasn’t actually quite sure what to make of our “Lady of the Islands” (Sorry Cassi, I’m just being honest) and soon to be “Queen of the Caribbean” when I first came across her.

I can honestly say that now I feel a great deal of affection for her.

I watch in awe of her achievements.

And again, without a hint of pat… patri… patro… (Can someone please give me another adjective for “patronising” please? Diane, correct me now!!) I am so, so, so proud of her.

People say things in life.

I say them, and I mean them.

When we are finally 100% allowed to travel and do what we want to do (I’m guessing, realistically we’re talking 2022/2023) I will be visiting many people I have grown close to here on the WA platform.

Actually, it has nothing to do with you lot, sorry, I am a traveller at heart, so the last 15 months have been horrible.

I have been known to travel many, many, many miles, on a whim, just simply to turn up on someone’s doorstep.

And usually carrying a sign, “Feed Me” (Stop laughing Shan)

I mean this from the bottom of my heart.


I will be turning up on Cassi’s doorstep.

I will spend time with her and her daughter.

We’ll have fun, we’ll talk business (and I better get “bl**dy well fed too)

The Truth

Okay, hands up time.

I haven’t been 100% honest in my profile here at WA (yes, I’m going to update it this week for a “truer” reflection, call me skeptical, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect the 2nd time around).

However, this is simply because I was a previous Wealthy Affiliate member (which I have mentioned), but much the same as last time around, there’s as much to NOT like here as there is to like.

Perhaps that’s just me.

I did actually continue working on my “online business” after 2012.

But, in truth, I outsourced everything.

Lockdown 2020 gave me the opportunity to “do it myself”.

As in, “okay, you know what needs to be done, but can actually start from scratch and do it ALL yourself?”

I share the blog where I do it “all myself” in my profile.

And at the One-Year stage (September 2021) I look forward to sharing with you all what can be achieved in terms of traffic and income, if you put your mind to it, and concentrate on working hard (Plus, it's me, you know I'll revea EXACTLY how I did it).

Two points:

Yes Cassi, I 100% agree. Why the hell should you share your income stats with others?

I get it.

Many people come to a place such as Wealthy Affiliate and think it’s a scam.

Do you want to know the real truth?

There are actually very, very, very little scams out there.

Pretty much everything works, but some people/platforms provide less information/help as others.

However, the majority give you enough information to succeed.

The main reason something is “a scam” is because you find that it involves hard work and plenty of years of hard work at that.

Who knew?

Building a successful business involves “plenty of years of hard work”.


I want a simple, push-button, no effort solution.

Here’s the best bit of advice you’ll ever receive.

“There’s No Such Thing”.

Find something, learn it, and follow through.

And work your socks off.

You do that and you could pick any of 500 online programs and be successful.

The main issue is YOU, not the “program”.

I think most people who know me here will know that I'm not as gushing and positive about the training as most.

To me, if you have absolutely no experience, you’ve never even ventured into working online, then YES the initial training is more than enough to get you started and earning a few dollars.

From then on it’s down to you.

Yes, there’s lots of further training, webinars, and great blog posts.

But ultimate success lies inside YOU.

How much do you want it?

How much work are you willing to put in?

And most importantly (don’t hate me for saying this Kyle, but you know it’s true). Don’t limit your education.

There's ALWAYS more than one place to educate yourself.

Do you read ONE BOOK to pass your degree?

Do you only listen to ONE PERSON to become successful in your field?

Education is an on-going life habit and you’ll never find a complete education in JUST ONE PLACE.

It’s something you should do in every walk of life, not just “How to Make Online”.

I constantly try to educate myself.

“How to be a better husband”

“How to be a better dad”

“How to be a better friend”

“How to be a better person”.

(Clearly failing terrible at all, LOL)

You’ll never find ALL the answers in JUST ONE PLACE.

Educate yourself here at WA, and also educate yourself further.

Back to the Point

Cassi, I am very, very, very proud.

Another bit of advice Cassi…

Haters gonna Hate.

You don’t need to reveal income.

You don't need to reveal everything you do.

I know I don't.

The “non-believers”, the constant “PM’s” ( yeah, I get them too, btw if I’ve replied to you, it’s because I see you as a genuine person), you’ll always get that.

Basic human nature:

People are skeptical

People want something for nothing.

However Cassi, you and me both know, you don’t get anything for nothing in this life.

  • Focus
  • Work Bl**dy Hard
  • Ride the Failures
  • Don’t EVER Give Up
  • Success Will Come

Well Done Cassi.

Here’s her Blog post again, go and congratulate her PLEASE


A great deal of love and thank you for reading.


Recent Comments


Thank you for letting me know more about you! You say what most of us want to. Those of us that are new to this appreciate when you share successes for those times that we struggle to get it right. And get it right in front of the right people.

Good morning Partha,

That's a great blog post and a great way to congratulate Cassi! It's amazing what happens when members take action and work hard, Cassi is someone who has been doing exactly this.

I agree with you very much regarding creating a business, whether it's online or offline, it's hard work! I have both and I have never found an easy fix!

Wishing you all the best.


Thank you very much for your endorsement, Roy.

It means a lot.


It's a pleasure, Cassi! I also believe that hearing a success story encourages so many members, especially those just starting out!

Have a great day.


I agree, Roy.

The success stories keep me motivated for sure!

Have a good week.

Amazing Partha,

Being newbie in here, got to see all of you guys who is successful in this community, give me clarification that WA is the best platform.

Having a membes like you, Cassi, Hugh, AbieAJ and more are outstanding to be an examples members of the family here.

I'm so proud to join here and able to mingle with you all!

Thanks a lot!


Thank you very much, Joce.

You are welcome Cassi!

Like I said to Cassie yesterday, even though I am on holiday, (actually the previously cancelled due to lock down HoNEYmooN) down in the West Country) I couldn’t resist reading a few emails. So when I noticed your post (in response) to Cassis’s brilliant post, then I had to stop doing honeymoon type things and read.

Partha your advice is yet again on point, I have taken quite a lot of your previous advice and tried to capture it and utilise it in my business.

Seeing Cassi’s post yesterday was a phenomenal achievement in such a short period of time (by any standard) and I feel that with her hard work came inspiration and i know you are a huge “influencer” because Cassi has referred to your advice many times.

Partha I am glad you are in our lives, (well I’m glad you are in mine) I so enjoy your posts, your rhetoric, your voice.

NB are you a full time work from home (influencer) now?
I am already looking forward to the September update

(what happened to the May?) the analytics one

Cordelia, Partha and Nathaniel are my first "go to" for learning how things work and benchmarking what I am doing.

If you just follow Partha's steps and do nothing else, you will find success.
His recommendations are THAT good.

He is a true WA Influencer who lets his results speak for themselves.

I love that!

Back to "honeymoon things" now. 🙂😀


Whatever love connection is going on here between people as they praise each other is not that interested to me. Lol! Those people who set themselves up for higher standards will find success.
People who find excuses will most likely fall back a step or two while struggling to reach success. We all can share our success and positiveness to help uplift others, but it is up to the individual to make that hungry move to see the change.
Time is everyone's enemy. It is always working against us. We just need to respect it a little more. The willingness to learn and apply something to see it working is the successful part.
If I was very knowledgeable in affiliated marketing, I would seek those here who are not doing good to help them on the path to success.
I find that there are people here who need a common approach to help them succeed. I think it can start with those who are very successful to reach out to those people who are struggling.
I take nothing away from the heavy weights of affiliate marketers here at W.A. You know who you are. The list is too big to be listed.
On that note, I enjoyed reading this post by Partha and the ones by Cassi. All the best!

John, these words could not be truer:

" it is up to the individual to make that hungry move to see the change.
Time is everyone's enemy. It is always working against us. We just need to respect it a little more. The willingness to learn and apply something to see it working is the successful part."

I do acknowledge that each person's situation is different.
However, in my humble opinion, discipline and time management are the real killers.

Complacency is the killer of both.

Thank you very much for your comments and support.


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