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So I just thought to put out a little quote over out today to hopefully give some inspiration. This quote is so true and eye opening. I woke up a little later than usual today and was getting a little late for work. I knew I needed some motivation to have a strong day. I literally went to Google and typed for a motivational quote. Then this popped up! I read it, and then read it again. A lot times we end up blaming others or our circumstances for out life not being the way we want. At the end o
Here comes another of my blogs. So as I am creating more and more content within my website, I am actually starting to enjoy it. I am beginning to constantly think about what content I should have in it next, and this is really making my writing time much quicker than when I started. One thing that I always tend to do now is have a brief outline of what my next post/content will be in the website right after I finish posting one. This makes me already think about how I am going to write the nex
December 02, 2017
So, I bought my domain today! Finally! I had been contemplating for a while on when the right time to buy the domain would be. I had written a few posts, but I hadn't quite pulled the trigger of owning a website. You know, it feels good! Almost as if a burden has been lifted off my shoulders now and I can just focus on creating good content and generating traffic. I also feel that having my own domain will create an accountability to always keep working on the website and try to build it up. Up
So, I joined WA more than a month ago, and it is only now that I am starting to be more active with it. One thing I really noticed in such a short period of time is that it is hard to get that inspiration and motivation to get the little tasks done. I actually ran early this morning, and started working on creating content for my website and learning more right away. What I noticed was that I was way more productive when I got to it right away after the run. Usually, you always say you will get
December 01, 2017
Just wanted to update today on my journey towards having freedom. I joined the affiliate program on Amazon today, and it did feel nice to get that next step. I am beginning to feel like these little steps are actually going somewhere. At the end of the day, it is about consistency over a long period of time - but these new 'moves' helps you feel like you have accomplished something. I'm not sure if any of you out there in the community have a similar thought, but let me know how your journey wa
November 30, 2017
Well, well, well. I just got my second month started today at WA, and just wanted to share a little bit of how it went. It had its ups and downs. As with anything, when you first get started with it, it becomes super exciting and you spend hours on it. It was the same with me with WA. I think I finished Course 1 in less than 2 days watching all the videos. Once I upgraded to premium, I was super into it for a couple of days more, and then I didn't really look into WA much. I had just started wo