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I think this is such a great tool here at WA but not sure how many of us actually use it! WA is truly a give back platform where you give to other so that you receive in return. The SiteComment feature is exactly like that. And it is so great. I am actually guilty of not using much of it myself, and I was recently reminded by Jessica (fellow WA) in one of my previous blogs ( how it is actually super helpful. And I couldn't agree with her more. You get so much s
February 02, 2018
I think this is quite helpful at times. So, there is a way to make you blogs in your website sticky - what this means is that the blog will not go down from the top even if you post more blogs. I think this is very helpful, and definitely worth doing for your website. So, why is this important? Well, you might have an important message or an announcement that you had posted. And maybe that message is relevant for a week or two weeks. Because this is the case, you want to have your post up on to
February 01, 2018
So, as I am writing this blog today, I actually feel very sick. I just have a massive headache and body aches all over. I hope this is not a flu and will go away right away. But, when you are sick, I think it is a great opportunity to rest and think about how you are going to come back up after you start recovering. It'll be a short blog today, but I would appreciate any prayers sent my way! Thanks y'all! :)
Being in WA for almost 3 months now, I have realized how quickly time flies! It just seems like yesterday that I came across WA and here I am now already learning so much about the online world and online marketing. One important aspect I have noticed when it comes to building your site online is that it takes a lot of consistency over a long period. I've mentioned it in my blogs before. Consistent action equals huge, massive results. But, more importantly, with getting better at your website,
January 30, 2018
Well, I might have been a bit late getting on the bandwagon with this but I just figured this out yesterday evening! Thanks to fellow WA members for helping out! So, you know how when you post your blogs, they are all in 'uncategorized' block. Well, I never really thought about it much. I was focused on creating content and not much of this. But when I saw and realized it, I wanted to change it right away. But, I just didn't know exactly how. This is what it looked like before: Well, this didn'
When it comes to bringing out the do's and don'ts for success in the online world - who better to ask than Kyle himself right? So, I don't remember exactly when or which article it was but Kyle wrote content about what are the things that will not give you much hope when it comes to online success. I have written three points here that I remember from that article that I still keep it in my notes. 1. Think you can make the money quickYou need to remember that online world is for the long haul a
So I have been thinking about this for about a week now. I have built a website, although still new and not as consistent as I'd like it to be, it is there. I am working on it and I always think of content to add in the website. My website is about improving to run and for that I would require to constantly look through websites and other affiliate programs to link up with the articles I write. But then it suddenly hit me that I could become an affiliate for WA. I always knew this was possible,
So, yesterday was an important moment for me. I completed my first ever marathon! Here are a couple of pictures from my post from yesterday if you want to have a look: those who have done a marathon, you know how tough it gets. And it is how you handle those tough moments that will determine how you finish the marathon. I have always been a runner, and I do short distance races constantly. So I didn't have any doubt in my mind that I was going to finish it.
January 26, 2018
So, today was my marathon! My first marathon - and quite honestly, it was pretty damn good. It went according to plan for the most part and my finished time ended up being close to what I predicted. But, now I am pretty tired, legs are sore and I think I just need some nice rest. I'll just share a couple of pictures from the marathon and write more about what I learnt from it tomorrow! Thanks y'all! :)
January 25, 2018
As we are going through our online journey, it is so easy to just go with the flow and not realize where you are going. Sometimes I feel that, as in life, you are just being thrown around by other circumstances than you really guiding through the journey. This is why I think it is so important to take your time to step out of your daily routine and tasks and look at the overall picture. This is what I mean by taking time for yourself. When you step out of your daily routine and really think abo