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Any reason not to accept wordpress updates when offered

Any reason not to accept wordpress updates when offered

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Any reason not to accept wordpress updates when offered right at the time they are offered?

I always recommend that you wait, at least a few weeks, especially with the .# upgrades, ie. 3.6 > 3.7 etc. I'd also ensure you have a complete backup prior to updating and that you've checked the changelogs of the theme and plugins you use. You'll find that often an "emergency" release is necessary ie. 3.7.1 to fix bugs and many developers are tardy or take time to find incompatibilities with their own themes or plugins. :) Rich.

I reminded everyone of the last update, and some pointed out that it might be good to wait a few days until bugs have been ironed out with plugin conflicts. Personally, in 10 years it's never been an issue with me, and I have sites in three figures, but you may want to consider an alternative view.

No, but there are plenty of reasons why you should.

Wordpress is constantly improving their platform, but more importantly, fixing any security issues. There are dozens of horror stories about people who don't regularly update Wordpress and then had their sites hijaked and turned literally taken away from them.

Always install the updates.

Okay, thanks, but what is involved with making sure everything is backed up? If I just click on the instructions to be sure there is back up will it take care of itself?

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