Cash reward on comments offered?

Cash reward on comments offered?

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I have been responding to comments for some days now and I am not rewarded with cash. I am only been rewarded with community credit. Please is any other person going through th

Interesting question. I was unable to comment but was curious what answers you would get.


l am also experiencing the same l get more credit that cash rewards.

Same here, I'm getting very few cash rewards for my comments

Yours is few, For me is nothing for 2 days

It's very few though ... Some days nothing and on other days 0,50 c. Hopefully it will improve soon.

Hi - yes, a lot of members are reporting the same. It is due to the economics of the platform. If members are not paying for Site Comments, then commenters will not be paid.

Ok, thank you DianeScorpio, I just wanted to sure it is not a software issue affecting only me.

Once again, Thank you

Hi Diane, it's amazing how you know so much about the WA platform. You always have the right answer. Just recently you cleared up one of my doubts too :-) How did you find all that info out? ;-)

Hi - I am constantly reading and learning. I have a near-photographic memory and retain everything I learn. This is both a blessing and a curse!

I'm impressed!

Its a blessing, wish I can always remember all too

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