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October 09, 2008
I am still here.  I have finally taken action and I am excited that my action paid off quickly with my first sale.  I am working hard to continue getting sales.  Please don't do like I did.  TAKE ACTION
April 15, 2008
I admit, I have been slacking.  Time to get busy focus on the end zone.  Researched one other niche, wrote one article need to complete squidoo so I can send the people that visit my article there.  I am also working on a bum campaign for WA. 
February 10, 2008
I finally got a squidoo page up. Just thought I could type it up in word then copy and paste, not! Got it figured out and now the page has actually been published. It is a work in progress will see what happens
February 05, 2008
Okay, I have no idea why the forum does this to me.  One minute I am logged in the next I am anonymous.  Type my heart out and then it says I need to log in
January 23, 2008
I have been saying to myself for years that I need to find a way to make money online.  A mail order business was a dream of mine.  Now my dream is to have a 24/7 income producing online empire.  I envision taking the 2 minute commute from my bedroom to my home office in the dream house my empire will have bought.  Until now I had no clue how to go about doing this.  I do realize it take work that I can do but until now I never really felt like a had blueprint as to how