Questions by Oyz49 7

Cant see the comments people say they write?
Have got some private mails from people telling me they have wrote comments…
1 year ago 11 Replies
Site map format in google?
What does google mean with this message? What do I have to do?Your site…
2 years ago 7 Replies
Google says im missing author and update?
Google says that 5 of my pages/posts are missing author and update, anybody…
2 years ago 6 Replies
Does anybody have experience with shareasale?
Do to no sale my Amazon time expired, anybody have some experience with…
2 years ago 11 Replies
Anybody who has transfer a domain from simplesite to wa?
I`m planning to transfer my domain from Simplesite, Registrar is ASCIO.…
2 years ago 5 Replies
How to get my menus back on my web site?
By a mistake I deleted my menus on my website. Anybody know how to get…
3 years ago 9 Replies
Whole text of my privacy policy dont appear in view page?
When viewing my Privacy Policy the whole text is not showing.When I go…
3 years ago 5 Replies